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How to Hygge Your Home

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If you like to keep up to date with the interiors world then you may have heard of the term Hygge. This is a design trend sweeping the interiors world at the moment and one that is perfect for getting your home feeling cosy for winter. Originating in Denmark, Hygge homes base their look on simplicity and texture while working with neutral warm tones. Hygge doesn’t have an exact English translation but can be summarised by the idea of taking pleasure in the little things in life. This gives you a gorgeously minimalistic yet comfy aesthetic. So, what ways can you get this look in your home?


A great way of getting the Hygge look is by using a rug. Rugs aren’t just great at bringing in that practical warmth to your floors, they add that stunning texture that helps to build professional looking design schemes. For Hygge homes, you want to be looking at thicker rugs that give you that fuller, comfier look and feel. With this in mind, you want to use a shaggy rug. Shaggy rugs earn their name thanks to their longer pile length. The pile length refers to the length of the material, the longer the pile, the shaggier and fluffier the rug is. This gives you that plush feeling underfoot that will make you look forward to walking around barefoot in the winter. Alternatively, sheepskin rugs are also just as effective. Their similarly longer textile gives you a beautiful natural look for that flair of texture that is so important. The best part of using a sheepskin rug is its versatility. Thanks to their softer underside they can be doubled up as bed or sofa throws for a relaxed and cosy atmosphere.


We mentioned it earlier, but the Hygge look is all about working with soft colours. Think neutral tones such as off-whites, beiges, creams and greys with warmer purple undertones. These create a very relaxed environment that is great for building up layers within a room. These colours also afford you a longer life and wider appeal. This is great if you are thinking of selling on in a few years as potential buyers are more welcoming of neutral tones when looking at properties with estate agents.


While rugs are a definite staple piece of the Hygge look there are other elements to consider within a room. The accessories are equally as important as they help to complete the look. When it comes to textiles such as bedding or cushions, look for chunky knit materials and similarly soft pieces. These work wonderfully to emphasise that gentle and inviting look. With lighting, try not to use white LED lights for example. Instead, opt for yellow based bulbs to soften the overall look of the room. As well as this, candles are great for that natural light that offers yellow and orange hues in the darker winter evenings. They are also great for bringing in those familiar aromas that help you to kick back at the end of a long day.


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