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Oxfam #KindnessChangesLives

Hi Everyone, 

I have been thinking a lot about how lucky we are in the UK. 
I spend my time blogging and mountain biking without much of a care in the world. 

Every day the news is full of evil things and I just watch it and think oh no. But do I really listen to what is going on?  The other day I was working online and my internet went down. I couldn't believe how annoyed I got at this. Sometimes I forget there are other people in the world who struggle to feed their family and suffer in ways, We in the western world can only imagine. 

I have been asked on numerous occasion what I would like for Christmas and don't get me wrong there are lots of things I want but what do I actually need in this life? 

I have a loving husband and a roof over my head. If I get injured or get ill, I have the NHS which will help me. If  I am hungry or thirsty I go to my fully stocked kitchen. We are all guilty of overindulging at this time of year. How many of us actually give back? I don't mean the odd charity tin donation.  I mean really give back?   We can all make thing better for other human beings why not start with a random act of kindness. Make a small swap of one of your indulgences for something that could benefit other people. 

Oxfam is running there #KindnessChangesLives campaign just now and I think this is a fantastic cause. 

Why not make one of the theses swapes? No matter what your budget. There is one for you. 

£1 chocolate bar = This could provide people in Vietnam clean water for a day. 
£5 Costa coffee = buys Buckets to transport clean drinking water. 
£8 cocktail =  buys 32 children textbooks to further their education.
£10 bottle of Wine. = buys 10 people clean and safe water. 
£18 lunch = 50 young woman can be educated about there rights within there community. 
£24 Manicure = Could get a family an allotment to grown there own food. 

If you would like to make a simple swap this festive season to help someone less fortunate click here 


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