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How to Add Colour to Your Home


If you are thinking about adding some colour to your walls, what about something creative? Rather than sticking to one shade, you could choose a few contrasting tones and create a geometric pattern using some low-tack masking tape. If you aren’t feeling very artistic you could always opt for a feature wall using wallpaper instead. Try installing wallpaper on the focal wall, which is usually where you would position your TV or hang a mirror.


Add a burst of colour to any room with complementing accessories, such as curtains, pillows or bedding. Bed linen is a common way of introducing colour to a room and the great thing is you can change it whenever you fancy something new. Use a throw to add a different texture or pattern, but always stick to similar or complimenting tones.


If you want to introduce some warmth to the room, but you don’t want to invest in a new carpet you could consider a rug. A rug will help to soften the layout of a room and make it feel cosy. Go as bold as you like with the colour or pattern, as long as the rest of the room has a subtle colour scheme. It also helps to strategically place your rug in front of a chair or under a coffee table to add layers and texture to a room.

Stained Glass

If you are looking for ways to add colour to the exterior of your home, you could consider stained glass. Stained glass windows offer a focal point to any house and can help to completely transform the look of your property. The perfect place for a stained glass window is within your front door. This will help to add character and create a warm and inviting appearance for guests. You can either use an old reclaimed window or create a bespoke design of your own.

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