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How to find the best money saving calculators online

Well, this year has been different, hasn't it? So many people have been affected by the current situation. besides the actual health implication, one of the second most distressing factors of this pandemic is the financial one. So many people are feeling the financial side effects of this current situation. I know it has made me think a lot about finances and ways to save money. It feels like every time I turn on the news or reach for a newspaper another company has gone bust and with it, many peoples have lost their income. Just like that, your stability is gone. This has got me thinking I need to make some changes in my spending habits. You all know me this started me on an internet search on how to save money. 

This is where I found Pigly. This site is a money saver dream come true. It offers a wide range of features and tools to help you save money. It covers everything from saving, budgeting, retirement planning to mortgages and personal loans. No matter what you are looking to do saving wise this site has all the resources to help you. I thought I would show you a couple of the features I have used to help me save some money and make me sleep a bit easier at night knowing I am doing all I can do protect myself in this uncertain financial world. 

Saving goals

Say you are looking to save for a home and you are trying to save for your deposit. Say you need a £15000 deposit. Blow is Pigly's calculator that will show you what you need to do to make this happen. You can amend all the columns to suit your circumstances and this gives you an idea of what you really need to do to make your home-owning dreams a reality.  This is so handy I know I prefer to see things in black and white and Piglys calculator helps me see this. 

Personal budget planner 

This is a great way to really look at your income and work out what you should be doing. I really like the needs, wants and saving approach to this calculator. This one really makes you see where you can make the most saving in your life. It is there for you to see in black and white no matter how scary it might look this is the best way to really look at what you need to do. 

After Pigly has got it down to the needs wants and savings it breaks it down even further. I really like that you can adjust the budget break down even more. Some things are more important to some people than others. This gives you the flexibility to make the budget really your own. by looking at your actual spending like this it really gives you an insight into where you can make the savings and where you can spend a bit more if you like. 

The lunch calculator 

This is called the brown bag saving calculator on Pigly, Now I work from home as a blogger you all know that but I know when I worked in offices I would buy lunch out most days or at least a coffee on my way to work. With a lot more of us working from home I thought this is a really good one for you to have a look at to see what you are saving by working from home and missing your daily costa trips. 
If this doesn't shock you I dont know what will. 
Oh my gosh, over 10 years working in an office I could easily have spent 15 thousand on lunches and coffees. Wow, this has shocked me to the core. That is an eye-opener. I defiantly now realise how much I could have saved by taking my lunch to work with me and stopped buying so many coffees.

If like me you are now thinking more about the future and want to take steps to be in a better financial situation. You need to hop on over to Pigly and check out their huge range of helpful features. You will not regret it. It will save you money. I really hope this post will make you think about making a new financial plan and to a brighter future. 

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