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The best autumn workout gear

Today we are talking about sports gear. So many more people are turning to fitness and sport with the situation this year. It is fantastic to see and warms my heart to the core. You all know I am a huge fitness fan. Not only for the physical benefits but I suffer from mental health problems and I use fitness as one of my coping mechanisms. 

One of my favourite things is to try out new fitness gear and tell you what I think. 

The best footwear 

These are the Helly Hansen W monashee ullr low ht. These are the hiking boot/trainers of dreams for this time of year! They are just so pretty and packed with awesome features.  These have a stunning design and consists of waterproof suedes and rich hydrophobic textiles. They are lined with Helly Tech waterproof membrane making them, in my opinion, the best on the market. The sole is perfectly adapted to help with stability and protect your ankle. They are so comfortable to wear and perfect for hiking or running in this winter. The sole has awesome tread and makes even the worst conditions easy to run and hike on. 

These will keep your feet dry and comfortable whilst looking good two what more can you want from a     shoe. I would recommend ordering a size up from your normal as these run a bit on the small size. 

I have to mention I love Helly Hansen being an RNLI volunteer and having a crew member as a husband I love that they are part of the RNLI family and the kit they have provided the crew with is amazing and I am so jealous of my husbands kit. So go check out Rnli - Helly Hansen 

Sports bras and leggings 

This is the Energy Empower U/W Lightly Padded Convertible Sports Bra By Pour Moi size 32F. 
This sports bra is so pretty. Being a bigger chested lady with a small back can be very annoying as there are not many options when it comes to a sports bra. Pour Moi is breaking the mould and creating some amazing options for us ladies. Woop thank you very much. 

This one is underwired and lightly padded. It features breathable cups and supersoft cushioning under the bands elastic making it supportive and comfortable. Yes, I said comfortably. This sports bra has very wide straps which can be convertible if you wish. It has a big supported hook and eye back panel. 

I have tested this doing a number of sports from mountain biking to HIIT. This has passed the tests. it keeps them boobies in place. You do not feel like you are going anywhere. No need to do the chest grab whilst jumping here ladies. Plus it just looks so pretty. 

This set is from The legging are The sports tight massage long leg version in the snakeskin pattern. The sports bra is the EXTREME CONTROL - Sports Bra, Maximum Support. 

Let's start with the bra. This is another brand helping us ladies with big boobies out. Thank you. This is there best selling bra and I can see why. This is called extreme control and she does her job that is for sure. There is no bounce in this bra you feel so secure and can do any sport you want. You will not be wanting more control this bra is amazing. It has a very clever three section cup. Your breasts are supported at the side my a sling which provides maximum support. It is also seamless and looks good whilst under tops. 
A new gym staple or in my case Zwift staple. 

The leggings. I wear a lot of legging I know that is not a shock, is it? These are the most unique I have ever worn. They are in a very cool pattern like the bra. They have a super soft inside with a 3d knop structure fabric which offers constant toning and massaging as you wear them. Now you may or may not know I am a sports massage therapist and this was so interesting to me. I love anything that will get the blood flowing to you muscles. This will increase muscles tension and increase endurance. 

I am loving this outfit it is so nice and functional.

Water bottles. 

This is the Ion8 from ION8 LEAK PROOF STEEL WATER BOTTLE. These super practical and very pretty water bottles are so converting for on the go. The bottle is 100% leakproof meaning it will never spill. I have put this to the test and no leaks yet. These are so good for water on the go. keeping hydrated is so important whether you are working out or on a rest day. This ensures I have water with me. It has a twist cap making it easy to open and fill. I also like that I can see through the bottle and see how much is in the bottle. 

This is the Kambukka- LAGOON 500 ML Bubblegum This is my favourite workout bottle.
I love the colour and style of this bottle. It has a very clever design. I really like the spout lid and angled straw meaning you can drink all the liquid out of it without hassle. This is 100% leakproof and I have put it to the test and then some and no leaks. It is also dishwasher safe? Which I love as I like a bottle that is easy to clean. It stays stain and odour free too. The perfect workout companion. 

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