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3 Things You Didn't Expect Omaha to Have

On the cusp of the Missouri river, and just off the border of Iowa, sits the gorgeous Nebraska city named Omaha.  This city is deep in culture and excitement, offering fun and intrigue that no other city can offer at such a low cost.  Although many people assume they know what to expect from Omaha, it brings a lot to the table that will awe and inspire even the most seasoned tourists.

The World’s Largest Indoor Desert

In Omaha's Henry Doorly museum, there's a surprise that nobody would expect from the state.  The largest indoor desert in the entire world.  This Desert Dome is home to countless species of desert plants and exhibits made to show off the incredibly diverse ecology of these drier climates.

Only open for the last twenty years, this dome took three years of planning and working to create a perfect atmosphere for these fickle plants to grow.  Rising 13 stories above the ground, it exists to be seen and enjoyed!  The exterior is a beautiful mosaic glass dome that looks like a diamond sitting in the city's heart.  Once you walk in, you're greeted by the heat and by friendly staff excited to help guide you through these fantastic plants.  You won't regret going!  How could anyone resist a little heat and sand, after all?

A Watersport Called Tanking

Although the word tanking may bring to mind the image of accidentally getting submerged or falling off a raft, it's a summer tradition in Omaha!  Tanking is when you float down the river in a livestock watering tank and can be fun for the entire family.  These tanks can comfortably fit four to five adults and make for a fun party for anyone of any age.  A range of different companies offers tanking in the summer, which means you could enjoy it for anything from bachelor parties to graduations!  Just make sure to bring a towel!

Tanking can also be a fun sport for work teams to take up together since every motion controls how the tank bobs and how fast it goes.  After trying to make it quickly downriver together in one of these, your team will have a deeper understanding of what it means to work together.

Gondola Tours

You may not think of water when you think of Omaha, but this city has surprises for everyone.  Gondola tours can be taken to tour through America’s heartland- pulling up imagery of similar and more expensive rides you can take while in Italy.  Although this is a fun and exciting thing the first time you do it, this treat never loses its shine- it’s something you’ll want to do again and again.  Although you can’t get tours of everything on a gondola, like looking at Omaha houses for sale, you’ll see parts of the city that surprise and excite you.  Don’t be afraid to look at this beautiful city from another angle- you might like what you see.

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