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Christmas 2020 gift guide for dogs

I might be a bit biased but I think this is my favourite gift guide that I do. Yes, I do love them all. I love my dogs and Christmas is the best time to spoil them rotten. I have chosen the best gifts for our four-legged friends this festive period. 

Some of these gifts have been kindly gifted some I have bought the dogs myself. All will be reviewed by my two reviewers Millie and Mylo. 

Meet the reviewers. 

Here we have Millie she has a very wiggly bum. She is a 8-year-old springador. He loves are food items and cardboard boxes and comfy beds. If there is a smelly horrible bog she will take part in her favourite hobby bog diving. 

Meet reviewer two Mylo

Mylo is a very sensitive and cuddly boy. He loves any toy he can chew and he really puts toys to the test. The has a very strong jaw and like to kill his toys. He can be found mostly following bikes and his sister. He would follow his sister to the end of the earth. 


Christmas is time to splash out on the very best for your furbaby and with this, in mind, I want to introduce you to the Sleepeezee Dog basket bed. This is the large size in the colour Pewter. This bed is so lovely. Now my two testers love it and I am going to have to confess something here. I may have fallen asleep in this myself. Yes, I said it. I was cuddling a poorly Mylo and we both fell asleep. This bed is comfortable. This bed looks really good in our living room too. It looks very luxury. It is super hard-wearing too. I haven't washed it yet but I have had to wipe it and it cleans really well. I was babysitting a friend's furbabies and they both had a shot in this bed and they both loved it. I have a few beds in the house and this is the one I found them in. So I take that as the best review possible. 
What the brand says

For a snug and comfortable sleep for your pet, look no further than our handmade pet basket. Sleepeezee pet beds are the only washable pet beds on the market – simply wash in your machine at 60 degrees with your usual detergent. Our odour-eliminating fabric and supportive memory foam filling mean you can be sure that your pet gets a perfect sleep.

With a two year guarantee as standard and free delivery, it’s no wonder that our pet beds are approved by the Good Housekeeping Institute and are recommended by Mumsnet readers. The pet basket means it complements any interior, and it can even be personalised for your pet.

What’s more, we donate £4 from the sale of every one of our pet beds to Battersea. That means that not only do our pet beds look good, they do good too.


One of my dogs favriote brands is Nylabone. They do the best and most hard-wearing dog toys. If you have a dog who can chew through any toy you need to invest in Nylabone toys. I can tell you that when these came in the mail the dogs could smell them through the box and the race was on to photograph they so they could play with them. They get so excited for any Nylabone. Mylo loves the Bacon flavour of The Strong Rhino cone. This one of his favriote toys,

What the brand says
The Nylabone Strong Rhino Cones are the perfect enrichment toy, they are great for filling with your dogs favourite treats. The rubber material has a little flex and give when chewing, and the shape is easy to grip. These stuffable chew toys have a delicious bacon flavour throughout, meaning the flavour goes on for as long as the chew does, they are not sprayed, dipped or coated in any way so there is no chance of that tasty flavour being licked off!

The material used is a high-quality natural grade rubber, with a lot of bounce! Not only will the Nylabone rubber toys be fun, they will also help keep your dogs' teeth clean and prevent tartar build-up.

Bacon Extreme Wooden Stick Chew Trade in those unsavoury twigs for the dog-friendly Nylabone Stick Chew! Made with tough, durable nylon this toy was made with powerful chewers in mind. The Nylabone Extreme range of bones and chew toys are just right for your dog if he loves to chew, and is very good at it! These chew toys have a delicious bacon flavour throughout, meaning the flavour goes on for as long as the chew does, they are not sprayed, dipped or coated in any way so there is no chance of that tasty flavour being licked off!


I know bathing is not our furry friend's favourite thing to do. Well, I say that Millie does like a nice bath now and then. It is not always an easy thing to do with a dog. But I want to introduce you to Mud Daddy. this might be the best thing you buy this Christmas for your dog. This super handy device is portable and so easy to use to wash the muck off your dog. You can even have it in the car for that occasion you are on a dog walk and someone decided to go bog diving. Yes, millie that is you I am talking about. Mud daddy can also be used for other things such as cleaning your car or mud off your wellies. It has so many uses. 

Check out their youtube vid 
What the brand says. 
There's no denying that most dogs love to play in the dirt and mud – it’s natural and the muddier the better for some! However, as lovely as it is to watch our four-legged friends have the time of their life jumping in and out of muddy puddles, it also means the dreaded cleaning of paws and fur after said walk.  

It's a chore we all dread but something that must be done, especially now the weather becomes wetter and damper.  But fear not - we have a new and innovative way to clean your dog's dirty paws and rinse the mud out of their fur before they track it all over your house or car! 

Introducing the Mud Daddy, an incredible, portable cleaning accessory that makes washing your dog (or any animal) quick and easy. Whether you're cleaning them off before loading them into your car or washing them down at home, Mud Daddy is portable and efficient.  
The bathing section is definitely where Millie is top tester. What you need to know is millie loves nice smells. I have never come across another dog like Millie. You will find her in the garden smelling the flowers. If case you are wondering she loves daffodils. Dont worry she just smells never eats. 

Be:loved has a fantastic range of dog bathing product. From pet shampoo bars to home and kennel spray to paw and nose balm. You are spoilt for choice with this brand. I have to say the calming and moisturizing pet shampoo bar was her favourite. I also need to mention they offer vegan options. 
What the brand says. 

Inspiration came in the form of an old family heirloom, a farmhouse recipe book passed down from generation to generation finally landing in our own laps! Using nothing but hedgerows and nature’s harvest to work with, our relative used these recipes to care for their own farm animals when their funds were running low. Fast forward to 2019, these natural remedies seemed to be the perfect fit for Podium Pet Products in our eco-pledge.

Together our team has tested and adapted these recipes, intended for farmers, to better them for our four-legged friends. From calming sensitive skin, to soothing cracked paws, to naturally defending against insect bites – we have developed our range to suit you and your pet’s daily lifestyle, giving them the natural boost they deserve. Our whole team have tried the products not only on their pets, but themselves too!

Utilising mother nature’s healing gifts, we are proud to say we are 90% plastic free and avoiding all unnecessary packaging – ensuring we leave the world in it’s natural state.

Next up we have The lovely Wild for dogs. This is a really nice eco and luxury dog grooming brand. This shampoo and conditioner are really nice. Millie really enjoyed the fragrance and loved to smell herself after this baths with this. I did mention she is a bit of a strange dog. 

What the brand says

As animal lovers and advocates for sustainable living, Wild For Dogs was created in answer to our own quest for an organic and eco-friendly grooming product that would deliver results while working hand-in-hand with a dog's highly sensitive skin and coat.

We're a small independent brand who put a lot of love into what we do - the most important things to us are our dogs, our customers and our planet! So welcome, please have a look around and we hope you will love what you find. 

The highest quality organic dog shampoo suitable for puppies and all breeds. Thoroughly removes odours (like dreaded fox poo!), soothes and heals sensitive skin, and leaves the coat incredibly soft, fresh, and clean. 100% free from nasties. 

This organic deep-conditioning treatment locks in moisture improve shine, enriches hair follicles and helps to detangle your dog’s coat, without causing irritation. Argan Oil, Coconut Oil & Willow Bark work to nourish and soften hairs, while Cedarwood Essential Oil leaves a warm delightful scent and naturally wards off fleas & ticks. For a shinier, fuller, super-soft coat!

£1 from EVERY sale goes towards helping dogs in need via the Wild At Heart Foundation.

Here we have A good hair day brush and Go gentle on me mitt by Mikki pet. These are the best dog grooming brushes I have used. Both dogs love to be groomed. Millie gets so excited. I use the gentle on me on Mylo as he has a short coat. I use the A good hair day on millie longer fur. Both work really well. It is so important to groom your dog. 

What the brand says.
Go gentle on me The glove fits either hand and enables close contact with your pet. This dual-purpose glove combines a pad of rubber bristles and a finishing palm. It is designed to invigorate the skin whilst maintaining a clean healthy coat.

The Mikki Soft Pin Slicker has specially shaped slicker pins which are mounted on an air cushion to enhance grooming action & reduce any excessive brushing force.

It's curved back, ergonomic handle and flexi-head ensure a natural grooming action, enabling the medium length stainless steel pins to work effectively.

The pins are designed to be used with a soft stroking action, enabling the shaped stainless steel pins to ease tangles & matts and remove loose/dead hair from the undercoat, leaving the main coat clean & healthy. Ideal for medium and long coated dogs. Regular grooming will help give your pet a shiny, healthy looking coat

Food and treats

The tails cracker

The crunchy bakes. 
Let's talk about Tails. They have smashed Christmas out the park for cute and fun Christmas gifts for dogs this year. Here we have the Ultimate Christmas box,  Christmas Treats Cracker and Crunchy Christmas bakes. They all went down a treat for both pups millie loves the Lickimat with some peanut butter on it. 

What the brand says. 
The ultimate Christmas box
The present dog dreams are made of. Piles of Christmas biscuits, a cracker to pull to get the Christmas bone treats inside, a waterproof bandana, LickiMat, soft toy, more treats, a festive turkey dinner and special baked biscuit to finish.

The Christmas treat cracker
Pull the cracker to get at the Christmas bone treats within, plus a jolly waterproof bandana (or bib!).

Crunchy Christmas bakes 
Just like a box of chocolates but good for dogs, these Christmas-shaped biscuit bakes are made without grain. They are full of crunch and come in two shapes, one made with turkey & cranberry, and the other with lamb & apple.

Hope you enjoyed this gift guide and you have found some gifts for your furbabies.  

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