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Get Your Christmas Outfit On Point With These Outfit Ideas!

This year feels to have been and gone in the blink of an eye, thanks to the pandemic resulting in a series of lockdowns, and ever-changing guidance on who we can and can’t see, and where we can, and cannot go. As a result of this we have been stuck inside watching the year rapidly pass us by. Now, as good as it has been by not having to do the daily commute, eating proper meals and spending time with our families, which would otherwise be spent in falsely lit offices and damp public transport.

One observation to come from all this is our sense of style has taken a pretty significant hit. As we are spending more time indoors, working from home and avoiding other people, the drive and desire to get dressed up has withered away leaving only sweatpants and an old sweater. If you are reading this feeling like it’s an explanation of your current life then you need an excuse to get dressed up and feel like yourself again, and there is no better reason to get all dressed up than Christmas.
You may feel like you are fed up with loungewear, and you may even ask yourself if loungewear would make a suitable outfit for Christmas day. If you are one of the many people who’s plans have been put on hold this year, you may very well be in store for some more time indoors. Don’t let this ruin your festivities, in fact, you could embrace it and make loungewear fabulous by using a personalised clothing company like Banana Moon Clothing to add your own festive designs to create your own personalised loungewear!

Christmas Sweaters
If you live in a low tier area, or you are being joined by your wider family this year, you could add in a bit of fun and healthy competition between your siblings by suggesting a Christmas sweater competition, the best, or worst wins! There are many festive-themed jumpers available now, from Christmas classics to heavy metal bands, all the way through to cult tv hits. As well as livening the day up with your sweater competition, they are also a great excuse for a family photo, and over the following years as your family expands you can recreate the family picture each year creating cherished memories that you can look back on for years to come.

Dressed Up
This is the one you have all been waiting for, finally a chance to wear a nice dress and some heels, even if it is only to go from one room to the next, but who cares! This is the one time of the year where can all come together at last, even if only for a day, and celebrate together like we all want to. This reason alone is enough motivation to get a little glammed up just for one day and make the absolute most of this situation.

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