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Now is the time to get your garden ready for summer

Well, the weather outside is a bit dull and rainy isn't it. All the wonderful colours from your garden have well and truly gone and it is all looking a bit too wintery. The bushes are brown and a bit wind-beaten and the pretty flowers are all hiding from the elements. But did you know this is the time of year when we need to start prepping and preparing for our summer garden? Today we are going to talk about what you need to start doing now to make the perfect summer haven. 

Designing and investigation 

Its time to think long and hard about what you really want from your garden. Do you want to have a lush green garden full of flowers and bushes or do you want a stripped-back garden more function over fashion style? When doing your planning be realistic with your expectation. If you are not going to spend time maintaining and growing the plants you need to make a plan with that in mind. If you dont have the time to spend tending to your garden you need to think more minimalistic.

You might think why has she said investigation. Well, this is one of the biggest mistake gardeners can make. You need to do your research and find out what will grow in your area. This is an important step in the dream garden process. Some plants will not grow in some areas. I live in the Scottish highland its a hard winter up here so the plants I plant need to be hardy. If you are in the south where there are warmer climates you will have to plant plants that thrive in your climate. 

One of the best things to do in the planning stage is to have a walk around your area and see what your neighbours have planted. This will not only give you food for thought but it will help you to know what will grow in your area. You can, of course, look online for more ideas, all the information is out there for you to find. Since we are all at home more why not create a mood board with all your garden ideas. 

One thing I would also mention is your need to take your family members into account. This might sound strange but bear with me. If one of your family has a bad pollen allergy this needs to be taken in to account. For example, I can not be in a room with lily. They really affect my allergies and I look like I have done ten rounds with Tyson Fury. Dont forget about your furry family members either. Some plants are highly toxic to dogs. For example Daffodils, Peonies and Irises could really harm a dog or puppy if they ate them so if you have pets do your research. 

What you need to order. 

Now you know what your dream garden will look like you need to start to make a plan of when you need to plant what and where. So you have your plan in your head and you have the dream garden in your grasp. Now you need to do your shopping. You can get most of your plants online with no need to go to your local garden centre you can get Tulip bulbs for sale online. I love tulips they are just so bright and colourful. One day I will travel to the Netherlands to see all the amazing tulip fields. Sorry I digress.  You can order nearly all the plants and shrubs you can imagine from the comfort of your own home. Which can all be delivered to your door with no hassle. This saving you the hassle of venturing out. If you are even allowed to go out at the moment. 

Now you have your plants ordered, you need to think about the tools of the trade. Does your gardening tools need replacing? Has the lawnmower seen better days? Is gardening new to you and you need to start at the beginning. The best time to stock up on your tools is in the boxing day sales there are some amazing deals every year. So do check those out. 

Planning the planting

Now you have all your tools and the plants you require you need to make a plan of when you should plant your new garden. Some plants take better when planted in particular month or seasons. So when you choose your plants bear this in mind. You could even make a little schedule of when to do your planting. For example, did you know the best time to replant your lawn is in march? This is when the ground is in the best condition to help the grass to grow. This can vary in different parts of the UK by a week or two. 

Some people think having the perfect garden is an easy job but it is far from easy. You need to do a lot of hard work and prepping to get your garden in tip top condition. Gardening is not for the faint of heart that is for sure. But the benefits out weight the bad parts and you are left with your own little haven to relax and smell the flowers in. 

 I Hope you have enjoyed this little guide and I hope it helps you get your garden ready for summer. 

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