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7 Steps Towards a Mindful Bedroom

They say that creating a space for mindfulness is almost as fulfilling as the practice itself. 
Now more than ever, the pandemic teaches us the importance of creating safe spaces within our homes. Mindful spaces are designed to help us relax, soothe our senses, get inspired, and find peace.

And what better place to start than the bedroom?

Our bedrooms should be our sanctuaries and a place meant to remove the chaos around, a space for sleeping, feeling, thinking, or just being in without any judgments.

The design of your bedroom can highly impact your state of mind, so if you are looking to create your oasis, here are all the hows.

1. Start with a Rigorous Declutter

When it comes to feeling more mindful at home, most of the timeless is more. So you don`t need a whole loft to create a mindful space. All you need is a better decluttering routine. To achieve a clutter-free bedroom, make sure you only include essential furniture. Just think about it. All you need in your bedroom furniture-wise is your bed.

If your bedroom is somewhat on the smaller side, a double bed instead of a king-size bed will do just fine, and it will also clear extra floor space.

Go for an ottoman bed, and all of a sudden, all those homeless items scattered around the floor will have their own designated space.

Pictured: An Ottoman bed, a great solution to clear space and clutter from your bedroom.

2. Remove Technological Distractions

Decluttering also means removing technological distractions. Mindful spaces block out distractions and help you focus on what`s important. Electronic devices such as TVs, computers, and even your phone are not welcomed in a mindful bedroom.

The only thing you need is to leave your windows wide open, breathe some fresh air and listen to the sound of the birds chirping.

The less you have to look at or think about in your bedroom, the more efficiently your brain can sink into a calmer, less agitated state when you enter the space.

Remove electronic devices from the bedroom to create a mindful space.

3. Reassess Your Room Layout

A large percent of the population find the arrangement in their room, and the things in it have a significant impact on the way they feel. Luckily, there are endless easy ways to improve your mood. Being in the moment and understanding your feeling inside a room is the first step.

Constantly stumbling on those bedside tables or having to jump over that blanket ottoman every time you get out of bed is not a nice feeling.

As your bed is the most significant piece of furniture in your bedroom, take some time and consider the best placement.

Ideally, your head or the head of the bed should face North. North represents quieting the mind, allowing self-introspection, and promoting a warm, restorative and safe feeling.

4. Include Organic Elements

Spending time in nature is a proven way to practice mindfulness.

Being in nature or even seeing nature scenes reduces anger, fear, and stress and increases pleasant feelings.

Bring nature in the bedroom and practice mindfulness

Exposure to nature not only makes you feel better emotionally, but it also contributes to your wellbeing, reduces blood pressure, heart rate, muscle tension, and the production of stress hormones.

Think of timber flooring, a wooden bed, and keep all your furniture pieces in clean lines and organic shapes.

Include plants, greenery, stones, smooth pebbles, and even a water feature if possible.

5. Go For The Hygge Vibe

You`ve probably heard of hygge, the Danish concept of creating joy and cosiness in life`s everyday moments.
Being present is a sensory experience. Therefore it makes sense to create a cozy environment while engaging all the senses.
In your bedroom, you can do this by using textures, colours, lights, candles, incense, and oils.

6. Use scented candles to remind you of lovely memories

Mixing textures can create a mindful feeling of warmth and relaxation so you can get your hygge on.

Focus on warm colours and incorporate soft textures. For instance, add a throw to your space to make it comfier. Choose a plush bed, soft blankets, and textured rugs.

7. Make Space Your Own with Serene Accessories

Include things you love, such as pictures, memories from your travels, or quotes inspiring you. Think of items such as bells, chimes, crystals, affirmation stones, beads, and artwork.

Any of these are outstanding elements for creating a serene and peaceful environment for you to focus on.
Whatever accessories you choose, remember the first step and try not to overcrowd your space.

Lavender is known to calm anxiety and improve sleep

Set the Right Mood with The Right Lighting

Your indoor lighting can improve your mood and stabilise your circadian rhythms.

Psychologically, light can decrease depression and even increase cognitive performance such as reaction and time activation.

For your space to send signals of peace and relaxation, your light should be warm and soothing.

Don`t neglect your mood lighting and focus on softly lit soothing lamps and candles.

Creating a mindful space will help you focus and increase your awareness.

So now that your bedroom is ready for it, why not take a moment and allow your mind to refocus on the present moment?


Daniela Ganea is a passionate Interior Designer and Content Writer for the Home Furnishing Industry. With a PR background, she combines her higher education with her passion for interiors by helping people with Interior Design and Styling tips for a happier home.

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