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The best father's day gift from Historic Newspapers

I love giving gifts I have always found pleasure in finding that special person in my life the right gift. I have been this way since I was very young. I just think spending a bit of extra time really putting thought into gifts makes them just a little bit better and special.

It is getting close to fathers day. I may not have my own father in my life but I have a wonderful Father in law. I always laugh when I read all these horror stories about in-laws because I won the lottery with mine. They are the sweetest and nicest people in my life and I really am so thankful that they are in my life. With not having my own family in my life having great in-laws is amazing. I really love that they support and care for me.

My father-in-law like myself loves history. When we are all together we always go to historical places. From castles to museums we love them. During these trips my husband and my mother in law zoom around these places. Whereas My father-in-law and myself will read every notice board and look at every exhibit. I feel like he is my museum kindred spirit and I am so thankful for that. I am actually dyslexic and it can take a bit of extra time to read everything and he is happy to wait for me.

So when I was looking for this year's fathers day gift I really wanted something a bit more special as we will be actually visiting My in-laws on fathers day. The first time we will be with my in-law in over a year as we live in the Scottish Highlands and they live in Devon. I know right? Could we all live further apart? It has been very hard during the last year with the distance between us all. So I am really excited to be going down for a family visit. I am also really excited to be with them on fathers day and for my father in-law to see his gift.

His gift this year is the Decade Newspaper Books Hardback by Historic Newspapers. Historic newspapers offer a massive range of historical book options from decade books like the one I am about to show you to milestone birthday books, books on sporting clubs like the Miami dolphins to books on the Beatles and so many more. They really have something for everyone. They also offer personalisation on some of their books. For example The book I have chosen We have had the word Dad written on the front. In some of the other book options, you can even write a little personalised message. These books are amazing not just for father's day but for a birthday or Christmas or a just because gift.

My father-in-law was born in the 1950s So I have chosen this decade book as his gift. This book has all the biggest stories from The Daily Mirror newspaper throughout the decade. I think he will really love reading all the stories from his birth decade. This book is such nice quality and printed on really nice paper too. It really is the perfect gift for my father-in-law. I just know he will love it.

What Historic newspapers say

Simply choose a Decade which means something to the recipient or yourself, and we’ll skilfully recreate over 100 Daily Mirror newspaper stories from that very Decade. You’ll read all about a selected period in what seems a very different time from today.

Through top news stories, as reported in the press at the time, you’ll delve into a treasure trove of fond memories from the era you were born or grew up in. From headlines to advertisements, these decade books let you experience again the news that happened from a special period in the past.

Each book is a truly unique gift which would be ideal for commemorating a landmark birthday or special anniversary. The book also comes in a luxury gift box free of charge, making it the ultimate gift for the occasion, as well as keeping it safe and protected for the future.

The book has over 100 pages of different stories and is crammed packed with information. This is perfect for any history buff like my father in law. His book starts with stories in February 1950 and ends with stories in November 1959. It is not only really interesting to read the stories but it is also interesting to see the advert and comic in this book. This would make a perfect coffee table book too. I can see him picking it up and reading a couple of pages at a time and then popping it down again.

I am so impressed with Historic newspapers. Between ordering and delivery, it was only a few days, so you have plenty of time to pop in your own order before fathers day.

I really like the look of Queen Elizabeth II History Book and the History of Titanic – Newspaper Book. If I was to order another book as a gift for someone special I think I would pop one of these in my order for myself. I would love to read more about these through the media at the time of the events. I find that so interesting.

I hope you have enjoyed this little post and it has given you a gift idea for your loved one.

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