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8 easy to follow money saving tips

I think it's safe to say we all have money-saving on our minds at the moment. The world is a bit of a scary place and this has repercussions though out our whole lives. No matter what your circumstances are times are getting tougher and tougher. Just when we all thought we were coming out of the back end of the covid boom a new crisis hits and no matter what we do we can not avoid this one. 

Energy prices are skyrocketing. For example, my own electricity prices have gone from £200 per month to nearly £500. That's the price of some people's mortgages. I mean that is £300 extra we need to find a month. There are only two of us in the household and I worry about how the elderly and families will cope with the increase in prices. 

Let's not forget the fact that fuel prices have soared too. I filled up my car last week normally £65 to £70 it was over £100 and living rurally we have to use a car to drive the 80-mile round trip just to the nearest supermarket. 

So you could say money is just not going as far as it used to and it is time to think about money-saving options.  Today I was to share some money-saving tips with you to try and help you reduce your spending and help you in this current climate. 

1. This one is time-sensitive and really important with the price of energy going up on the 1st of April. You need to take a meter reading on the 31st of March. This will ensure all the energy you used up until the increase will be charged at the lower rate. This is very important as we all tend to use less energy when the temperatures get warmer in spring and summer. 

It is also worth turning your heating down a couple of degrees and seeing how much this has an impact on the cost of your energy bills too. 

2. Sell your unwanted items. This is a great way to not save money but to give you some extra cash. We all have items that are just lying around not being used. Those skis you used once. Your kid's bike that they used once and outgrew. The summer clothes you haven't worn in forever. Get them sold. There are so many places to do this from Facebook marketplace to eBay there are so many options to make some extra cash. 

3. Don't bury your head in the sand. If you have unexpected expenses pay them as soon as you can. For example, if your car break downs you can't really do without it can you? If your fridge breaks this is another necessity and you need to have a fridge to keep your food in.  If your pipes burst and water is pouring in what can you do you need it fixed right now.  

Don't worry there are options out there to help you pay for unexpected expenses like Polar Credit. Let's face it how long can you go without a car or a fridge or water streaming down your walls.  Sometimes you just can't wait for payday. 

Polar credit is a credit line with a quick and easy application process. They offer smaller amounts to help you get out of a pinch. They also offer you affordable and easy to set up repayment options. This is not a payday loan. If you already have a few loans open, it may be worth speaking with a financial advisor; they can help you set a budget and plan for eliminating debt.

Polar credit is trying to bridge the gap between mainstream finance, so that responsible borrowers can obtain access to lower-cost credit from Polar Credit as a direct lender without the unnecessarily high fees of other lending companies. Plus this can help you to rebuild your credit by being a responsible borrower and keeping your repayments paid on time.   

4. Take advantage of discount codes. I have been doing a really good job at using discount codes for online shopping when I can. Normally if you are shopping online you will be able to find a discount code for that site. It is always worth checking for a discount code before you make any big purchase as this can save you some money, 

5. Whilst we are on discount code. You should also make use of the cash back site. There are quite a few about now. You just need to do a quick good search and you will find one to use. These work by offering you money back when you shop on certain sites. It is also worth checking your bank account. I have a Halifax account that offers cashback from certain retailers. Defiantly worth checking them out. 

6. Stop using the car for short journeys and start walking. This is not only a good one for many saving this is a great way to add extra fitness to your life. Let's face it do you really need to drive around the corner to your friend's house for your weekly coffee catch-up? no, you don't you can walk and save yourself some money. 

7. Think before you buy. This might seem simple but by really thinking about what you buy and making a list and being a bit stricter with your purchases you can save money. Having a list of the actual items you need instead of wandering the aisle aimlessly will help you buy what you need and not what you want. 

I also do things like use amazon save and subscribe for some monthly items like dog food and toilet rolls. Buy using save and subscribe for a few items I would normally buy in the supermarket I can save up to 15% off my bill. 

8. Have a look at your streaming services. How many do you actually use? Netflix, Heyu, amazon, Disney+? How often do you use these services and how many films do you watch a month on them. Do you really need them all? I think the answer is most likely no so bite the bullet and cancel some. Instant saving. 

Bonus idea for the parents out there. Selling your unused baby formula. This can earn you money on formulas you can't use anymore. Rather than wasting it selling it and making yourself some extra cash. 

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