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Best Walking Shoes From Loom

Comfortable shoes are vital for anyone who likes long walks, but finding the right pair can be tricky. Furthermore, many people refrain from purchasing shoes specifically for walking because they already own too many pairs. Loom has designed the best walking shoes for men and women stylish enough for casual use. 

Here’s why they are so popular.

What Makes Good Walking Shoes?

First, let’s define what makes good walking shoes to understand how Loom sneakers meet these requirements. The best walking shoes should be comfortable, flexible, lightweight, and stable. The shape should also contour the foot. Flexibility is necessary for smooth motion, ensuring your feet won’t get tired after a long walk. The shoe midsole should provide sufficient cushioning, while the insole should be breathable to prevent sweating. 

Loom Sneaker Features 

Loom produces waterproof walking shoes for women and men that comply with the highest ergonomic standards. They are lightweight, flexible, and provide excellent cushioning. The flexibility is achieved by foam soles designed by podiatrists to ensure maximum energy return and shock absorption. Thanks to this, your feet won’t get tired even when walking over rough terrain.

The interior and insole of Loom sneakers are made from high-quality merino wool, famous for durability, breathability, and softness. Additionally, merino wool has anti-odor and antibacterial properties. The wool is encased in multi-layer H2-Go mesh that protects the feet from rain and snow. The brand claims that you can even go swimming in these shoes, and your feet will remain dry. 

Easy cleaning is another desirable feature of the best walking shoes. Loom shoes are stain-proof and dirt-proof, so the snow-white sole will remain clean with minimum effort. They’re easy to slip on without untying the laces while securing your foot safely. Last but not least, Loom shoes are stylish, and a good-looking pair of sneakers can be a powerful fitness motivation boost. 

What Makes Loom Special 

One may argue that all modern sneakers are lightweight and flexible. If so, what makes Loom shoes so special? Versatility and sustainability are the main factors making Loom sneakers the best walking shoes for men and women. The footwear industry has transformed into a fast-paced environment based on constant consumption. Nowadays, most people have a pair for every occasion. Brands focus on producing more products rather than better products, often neglecting quality and longevity. 

Such an approach doesn’t just hurt a customer’s wallet. It also damages the environment. Manufacturing an average shoe pair of shoes requires immense amounts of fossil fuels and produces chemicals that pollute the air. 

The philosophy behind this sneaker is to replace dozens of different pairs of shoes with one all-terrain package. Instead of making an array of shoes for every preference, Loom has focused on fine-tuning a single pair. The shoes are made from eco-friendly materials and are manufactured following sustainability best practices to reduce the carbon footprint. Loom sneakers feature clean lines and only come in two neutral colors – black and white. They go equally well with leggings, jeans, and even skirts. Men and women’s shoes look the same because the design is genuinely universal. 

Are Loom Shoes Right for You?

Loom shoes are an excellent choice for anyone looking for waterproof walking shoes. Furthermore, due to Loom sneaker durability, a stylish look and comfort, you can use them for more than just walking your dog or hiking. These shoes are suitable for any activity, including shopping, running, traveling, or going on a date. In terms of sizes, the sneakers come in 2.5 to 12 in the U.K. to fit most people

Loom waterproof walking shoes are also a great gift idea for your parents, friends, or a loved one. Choosing the right size for someone else is tricky, however, so the brand offers five gift cards for different budgets. The brand’s pricing is fair, on the same level as the most popular sports brands. Currently, the company is celebrating the launch of the most comfortable walking shoes with a 60% discount on all orders. You better rush, because the offer is limited! 

If you like the idea of sustainable footwear, visit the Loom website to learn more about the best walking shoes for women and men

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