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Boost Your Workout Motivation

 When you make the commitment to working out, you make a pretty big emotional, mental and physical commitment to yourself. And, most of the time, it is only yourself that can see you through to your goal. 

When you first start your fitness journey, you might find it easy to get up and go, but after a few weeks, it can often become a little harder to stick with it. The novelty has worn off a little, and it becomes easier to think of reasons not to go. 

And, it is often the case that when we force ourselves, immediately after, we remember just how good working out and being active makes us feel. But, the moment it feels like a chore rather than something we love to do - the trouble starts. 

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So what can you do to keep your motivation high and reach your fitness goals? 

Pace yourself

You don’t need to lose 25kg; you need to lose 1kg at a time. Setting yourself a goal of 25kg and seeing small losses every week can make us feel like it is going to take too long to reach our goal. 

But if you set yourself the goal of losing just 1kg, then another 1, then another 1 - it is a more manageable goal. In fact, all of those little goals will see you making the smaller incremental improvements until you reach your goals. 

Each time you reach your 1kg goal, you will get a boost of confidence and dopamine due to your success, and you will be more motivated to hit your next goal. 


Some people respond very well to having a highly motivated trainer. Using a personal trainer offers some level of accountability. Not only that but on the days you want to quit - they will help you get through it. 

When you first commit, you might have a few friends who will half-heartedly join you, but they might not be prepared to go to the gym, start running or stay the course. 

So it is a good idea if you know that you respond well to having a verbal motivation that you seek a personal trainer that suits what you need. 

Temptation bundle

Is there a podcast that you simply can’t get enough of? Or an audiobook you have been meaning to get through for ages - but never find the time? Use your workout time to combine it with listening to that podcast. 

If you are on the static bike for an hour or so, you can squeeze in some of your favorite shows on Netflix or Amazon too. 

Make the time even more valuable to you by adding something to it that you really want to do. 

Be kind

If you decide to be harsh with yourself if you aren’t benching huge amounts, aren’t losing weight, or you find doughnuts a little too tempting, you’ll quickly make it a reward and punishment process. 

While you should reward yourself for reaching your goals, you should avoid criticizing yourself if you aren’t reaching them yet. 

Good and supportive self-talk can actually give us a huge dose of motivation, and when you do it right - you can reap the rewards pretty quickly. 

Speak to yourself as you would a friend trying to lose weight or one trying to live a healthier lifestyle. Be supportive, talk in the second person, and tell yourself just how well you are doing already. 

Track it 

You don’t need to track your weight if you’d rather just stay focused on how you feel, but Apple Watches, FitBits, and other trackers can help give you step goals that are easier to reach. 

They often come with a range of workout programs, tracking for running, jogging, heart rate, and more. 

Tracking your improvement with speed or the number of steps you take can be an incredible boost for you to keep doing what you are doing. 


The music you listen to can make a huge difference in how motivated you are to crush your workout. Many high-energy playlists are available on streaming services that can help keep you going through the harder moments. 

The best tracks for working out have between 125 beats and 140 beats per minute. This tempo can keep you on track, in rhythm, and working out your best. 

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