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How to celebrate father's day on a budgets.

Wow just like that it is nearly summer. There are so many fun things to celebrate in summer but I always think the summer season started with fathers day here in the UK.  Next month is fathers day here it is on the 19th of June. 

I might not have my own father in my life but I am super blessed to have a wonderful father in law. You might think that not having my own mother and father in my life would mean I hate these types of holidays but I actually love them. I have been blessed by having both my in-laws in my life and I want to celebrate them every Mother and fathers day They really are the most wonderful people and they deserve to be showered with happiness whenever possible. 

I know a lot of us are scaling back on celebrating and spending a lot of money this year. Let's face it money is tight for us all at the moment and there seems to be no let-up at the moment prices are just rising and not falling.  with that in mind, I want to share with you some low-cost ways to celebrate the fathers and father figures in your life whilst not blowing the budget. 

1. A card

I think every celebration deserves a special card. I love sending cards as they are just a lovely little thing that can really brighten up someone's day and they are not expensive. I love to read the cards and think about the person I am sending them to. There are cards for every person, their personality and style. 

For fathers day I get my husband to choose the card for his dad. I will not lie I set it up for him I always search father's day cards from sons and let him choose from there. You might think why do you do that but My husband has the habit of not really reading the card and just sending it. It could be a birthday card for fathers day If I don't do this for him. Yes, that has happened. 

I tend to like nice sentimental cards but my husband will always send funny fathers day cards. That is his personality. I love that you can get such an awesome range of cards nowadays and you can match them with the person you are sending them to. Plus this is so inexpensive and will bring a smile to their face. This could be the ticket to a uniquely customized card just with your preference.

2. Cook breakfast 

Why not get in the kitchen and whip up your dad's favriote breakfast. This is a simple thing to do and this will always be guaranteed to make your dad smile. I mean how can a full English or boiled egg or even pancakes not make you a happy person in the morning? 

3. Do something your dad likes

This might seem simple but your father will enjoy things you don't really have an interest in. Whether that be golf or bowls or gardening. Go out and do something together. Just make sure that your dad wears his best golf hat to protect him from the direct heat of the sun. Just getting outside and building memories with your loved ones will mean more to them than an expensive gift. Time is precious and we all need to start thinking about making memories more than giving gifts. 

4. Help out

Does your dad need a hand? Has he been putting off doing a big job around the house? Is there something you know he would like help with but you haven't got round to help with? There are always things we need to do or help with but dads can be the last person to ask for help. 

Has he been talking about how hard it is for him to do a spot of painting or planting that he would love to do or help clearing the guttering?  Go over and help out. This costs nothing to help out and you will be sure to make some memories and have a laugh with your father and I am sure he would appreciate it too. 

5. Be present. 

This one is one that I wouldn't normally write but we are all so guilty of it nowadays. Put down your phone. Put down your Ipad, put away the laptop and actually spend time with your father. No, it doesn't count if you are glued to your phone whilst in his presence. 

Actually, put all the devices away for the night and spend quality time together. Talk to each other and listen to old school style whilst not on a device. Play a board game just do whatever you want but actually be present and focused on your father. This will mean so much to him to actually have you engage with him. 

I hope you have enjoyed this little guide and it gives you budget-friendly ideas for this fathers day. 

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