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The best duvet for your van conversion

There is a lot more to van life than people think. I have had my van conversion for about 5 years now. We decided to convert a van to fit in with our lifestyle before it became a big thing to do. When we were doing our conversion there was very little about how or what to do. 

We knew we wanted a base for mountain biking trips but mostly we wanted the freedom to take our two beloved dogs everywhere we went. It can be expensive to take dogs and bikes to a hotel for the night. Also, we wanted somewhere the dogs could be in the cold or hot weather. A van conversion was the only option that would work for us. 

The van is great and it has afforded us a world of freedom and adventure per and post lockdowns. We did our van conversion on the cheap it was what we could afford at the time and we didn't want to spend too much money on the whole project. I mean have you looked at the price of insulation for a starter. This costs a fortune. There was little left in the budget for the more luxury items. 

Today we are talking about a bit of a fancy upgrade we have added to the van. New bedding. Now I know what you are thinking how much difference can new bedding make? Well, you need to read on to find out, don't you? 

Enter The Night Owl Natural Cotton Waffle Coverless Duvet from Fine bedding

The Night Owl Natural Cotton Waffle Coverless Duvet arrived in a super quick time which is awesome as we are due to go away soon. It is all compressed in this little handy travel bag. I also got the matching pillow case to go with the coverless duvet. 

First of all. I have to mention that when I was unpacking this in the van my husband said oh how fancy is this. I don't think he has ever made a remark about a duvet before. Then it was oh it's so soft on the inside. Honestly my husband never ever makes remarks about these things. To be completely honest I don't think he really notices things like this. But apparently, the Night Owl duvet is one that need commenting on. 

As you can see our van is a mixed grey colour so I choose the navy colour. This was for two reasons. One darker colour duvet in a van conversion is just better for hiding dirt. I am not saying we are dirty but as you can see our bikes go underneath the bed so a bit of muck can get on the duvet if we are not careful and two I love the colour. The Night Owl Waffle coverless duvet also comes in grey. Which I love but not for the van conversion. 

The Night Owl Natural Cotton Waffle Coverless Duvet comes in single, double and king with two tog options summer tog 4.5 and all year round tog 10.5. I have gone with the king-sized in all year round tog. This is perfect for the van as with all the insulation it can still be a bit chilly overnight in the summer. 

When you first get your new duvet it needs time to expand so that is worth noting. This one expanded to be a very lovely fluffy duvet and oh so comfy and lux. I was really surprised how much it expanded and changed after being unpacked. 

What makes this The Night Owl Natural Cotton Waffle Coverless Duvet perfect for the van 

  • Being a coverless duvet you can wash it after every trip. This is a godsend with the bikes and dogs things can get dirty quickly.
  • It is also quick drying so quick turnaround if needed. 
  • It is so comfy to sleep in. I have had so many lovely nights of sleep in this duvet you would think you were in a fancy hotel, not a van conversion.
  • No more trying to put a duvet cover on a duvet in a small space. I mean this is one of the best reasons to buy this duvet. I used to be a cleaner in a hotel and I can do this pretty quickly but my word I hate doing this. But no more getting inside of duvets for me.
  • It is made from sustainably sourced cotton and recycled Smartfil filling. I try to be as sustainable as I can be whenever I can be. I am trying to make better choices. 
  • It feels very luxurious. The cover is made out of 100% pure BCI cotton and it feels so nice on your skin it really does make a lovely night's sleep. 

I have no doubts in my mind about recommending this night Owl Natural Cotton Waffle Coverless Duvet. I am in love with our new duvet and I really think it is a lovely new addition to the van and it has really made sleeping in the van a lot nicer. I can not wait to have more adventure in our van and now sleep soundly in my luxury bed. 

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