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Pros and Cons of Living in Colorado

Looking to move to the Centennial State?

Colorado is the land of arid deserts and snow-covered Rockies, ample job opportunities and many housing options.


Like all places, it comes with the good and the bad.


The next time you’re looking at Fort Collins apartments for rent, consider these factors into your moving decision.


Pro: The economy is strong.

Colorado has consistently reported one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country in recent years. Its options for employment are diverse, lending to an influx of people coming to live there for a job.


Top aerospace contractors have headquarters in the state, as do many technology companies.


Those looking to get into the cannabis business will have much luck here, the first state to legalize the possession and distribution of recreational cannabis.


There’s also quite a bit to be said about agricultural occupations, as Colorado has a lot of land to grow produce on.

Con: It gets crowded.

With a strong economy comes many workers – and that equals a lot of people commuting at once.


Add to this the tourism aspect and people from out of state and you get roads filled with cars and long commuting times.


Additionally, beautiful natural spots like Rocky Mountain National Park can feel less than peaceful thanks to the influx of visitors. There is an ebb and flow to tourist season that must be learned.

Pro: You will not get bored.

There is always something to do, be it fishing, hiking, snowboarding, or white-water rafting down gnarly class 5 rapids.

You’ll experience all four seasons in the state, which adjusts its recreational options according to the temperature. There are over 39,000 miles of hiking trails and 32 ski resorts alone.


You will also find vibrant arts and culture communities in places like Denver, as well as hot restaurant and brewing scenes.


There are numerous festivals throughout the year, like the Great American Beer Festival in the fall and the Winter X Games every January.

Con: The weather can be a bit much.

While it’s great to experience all four seasons, there are many aspects of Colorado’s weather that will leave you wishing for sunnier days.


The arid climate can cause problems for those with respiratory problems or skin issues, and in many places the altitude is high, putting folks at risk for altitude sickness.


Wildfires have become a common issue in the dry climate, and if the fire itself doesn’t reach a populated area the smoke still might, adding to the troublesome atmosphere.


Colorado natives know the importance of staying hydrated and keeping a bottle of moisturizers on them at all times.

Pro: It’s got a high quality of living.

Colorado has one of the lowest obesity rates in the country, most likely because of the amount of outdoor activity its inhabitants get.


The state also offers high quality medical care and has been ranked near the top of most lists that look at who has the best healthcare in the nation.


The quality of care is not only good, but easily accessible.

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