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Review of Yvette sports bras and legging

Today we are chatting about one of my favourite things active wear. I spend my life in leggings and sports bras. If you have been following me for a while you will know that fitness is not just a part of my life it is one of the main parts of my life. I am a passionate mountain biker and with that comes that fitness you need to be physically fit to hit the trails as much as I do. 

I will come clean now I am really picky when it comes to any kind of fitness gear. I am a bit of a know-it and I like nice things. I mean I need it to not only work for me but look good whilst it's doing it. 

So today is a fun day for me I am putting Yvette leggings and sports bras to the test. Who are Yvette they are a professional sportswear brand. They have a passion for supporting women and helping them in everyday life with their inactive designs and styles. They want to inspire all women to feel confident in their sports clothing. They stock everything from high-impact sports bras to high-waisted leggings to tank tops and sweatshirts. They are here to build you up and help you feel good about yourself. They also have one of the most inclusive size ranges

 I have ever seen from XS to 5xl+ this is amazing and more brands should be this inclusive. I have personally been on both ends of this spectrum having once been a UK size 24 I know how hard it is to find clothes in bigger size ranges so well done Yvette. 

A little about me I am a UK size 6/8 I have a size 28DD/E chest I am an hourglass shape-holding my weight in my boobs bum and hips and have a very small back. So as you can see I am a bit of an odd shape. 

First up we have the Shift High-Waisted Airhole Running Leggings I got a size XS. 

Now where to start these are so soft. Now first you need to understand I am a legging connoisseur yes I have far too many leggings from all ranges of styles and everything from budget to high-end I am well versed in legging and what I like. 

These Yvette shift leggings as amazing. They are soft yet stretchy and yet supportive. These have high leg support and are full-length legging so all the way to the ankle on me. I am 5ft6 if that helps. They have a nice supportive waistband which is supportive but still comfortable. They are made out of four-way stretch material meaning I have complete freedom of movement during workouts and are completely squat proof. They also feature sweat-wicking Coolux technology which keeps me cool during high-impact workouts this works really well with the venting holes in the leggings making intense sessions not so hot they feel really breathable.

I love these leggings they are perfect for hitting the gym or everyday use they are just so soft and comfortable to wear. The sizing seems to be on point too they fit me well and are not too tight or too loose. So I would say the sizing chart is spot on for this. They are also suitable bra for women with breast implants which makes them super diverse too. 

Next up we have the Echo Cross Back Padded Running Bra in blue size S+

I love this colour it is such a lovely summery blue. I think the camera isn't doing this one justice its a bit more blue in person. The Echo cross-back running bra is made out of super comfortable and durable material. It is soft but also you robust. It is made from 75% recycled polyester and is eco-friendly for green earth. 

This is a high-impact sports bra so it is for more strenuous workouts. It feels nice and secure. It has none removable cup which I love. How annoying is removable cups during washing? It has a lovely v shape to this making it a bit more interesting than other sports bras. There are some cleverly places air holes for some ventilation. It has a lovely crisis cross back which not only looks good but helps with support. I love the look and feel of this bra and it is supportive enough for any workout. 

Next, we have the Sculpt Side Pocket Running Leggings size XS. 

Oh my gosh, I love a legging with a side pocket or two. They are just so handy. These are similar to the Shift legging in that they are just so soft. How are Yvette doing this magic? 

These are high-impact leggings but with the soft feeling of everyday legging I mean are these the holy grail of leggings? They are made from sweat-wicking fabrics which keeps me cool and dry on long workouts. They are sull support and high waisted. They also have a little waist adjuster for some extra security if you need it. The sculpt leggings are full length and four-way stretch giving me lots of room for movement.  They are super stretchy and this makes even the most complicated moves in the gym no problem at all they are like a second skin. 

I have no problem recommending these leggings they are amazing and I should mention very squat proof. They are perfect.  

Lastly, we have the Power Cross Back Padded Running Bra in Burgandy size S+

Another cracker of a sport bra. The Power cross-back padded running bra is a firm control bra with high support and non-removable cups. It has been designed to help reduce bounce when running helping your stay out for longer on the tracks or trails. It has the same lovely v-line shape as the Echo bra and has some cleverly placed air vents to help regulate your temperature whilst doing more intense workouts. 

It has a nice firm and stretchy material which is also soft and moveable. It is sweat-wicking and has a wind and elastic under band with a hook and eye closure. It has a wireless design so it is comfy and supportive without the need for a wire. 

I really love this sports bra and it is also such a pretty and feminine design. 

I hope you have enjoyed this little review. I have no doughts that if you get yourself some of these items you will be as happy as I am with them they are just so well designed and actually work. I mean is that the most important thing with activewear. 

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