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Top 6 fathers days gifts in 2022

 Can you believe it's nearly fathers day? I can't believe how fast this year has come in. I always feel like fathers day is the start of summer. Well, it is for us up here in the highlands. fathers day is a great day to celebrate the father figure in your life. I myself am blessed with a pretty special father-in-law and I always like to spoil him on fathers day. I mean Eh his son like to spoil him wink. 

So here are my top picks for fathers day gifts this year. 

First up we have a collection of amazing products from one of my all-time favourite brand Klean Kanteen. If you have followed me for a while you will know I go on and on about the quality of the products from Klean Kanteen. I am forever gifting items from the brand to friends and family and It would be a miss to not mention them 

Here we have the Food Box Complete Set perfect for picnics or homemade lunches in the office. This set has one bigger sandwich-sized box one meal-sized and one I always use for snacks. These all have clever easy-to-close and leak-proof lids with snap-to-lock closing making them so secure there is no need to worry about leaking. They are all easy to clean and free from any harmful chemicals. These make the perfect gift. 

Next up I mean I had to mention a flask right? Here we have the Insulated Classic 25oz (750ml) with Pour Through Cap I am obsessed with these for camping and for to be completely honest days out. This is my go-to Klean Kanteen of the moment. If your dad loves a cup of hot tea at a moment's notice this little bad boy is worth its weight in gold. I have used this up a mountain in hikes I have used it on dog walks I have used it on 12hour drives. This will never let you down. It is super easy to pour into the Steel Cup 10oz with the easy pour lid. It has a keep warm time of 24hrs and keeps things cold for a massive 80 hrs. So if you fancy one yourself for a cheeky cocktail at the beach this is for you too. 

As I have said I have had this all over and it still looks as good as new I am a clumsy girl and have dropped it and it hasn't been damaged at all. It is made from all the high quality and design you expect from Klean Kanteen and with no nasty chemicals and is so easy to clean. 

Whilst we are on camping and outdoors why not buy your dad a lovely La Cafetière 1.6L Stainless Steel Whistling Kettle. Whether you like to camp in your tent have a motorhome or for your home. There is nothing more fun than a whistling kettle. These fill my head with memories of my great grandparents old croft house. My grandmother and father refused an electric kettle and would only use their whistling kettle as they said it make the tea taste better. Now I am not too sure how true that is but it is defo more fun to have a whistling kettle and it makes a really fun and unquiet gift this fathers day. 

You will win all the brownie points in this one 
La Cafetière's stovetop whistling kettle is the kind every tea or coffee lover wants: a kettle that boils quickly! It features a wide aluminium encapsulated base that absorbs and distributes heat fast - for quick water boiling. And with its generous capacity, it's perfect for when you've got people over for a cup or two. It's compatible with all heat sources - including AGA™ stoves and induction hobs. The whistle is built into its spout, so you'll always know exactly when it's boiled. Just flip the spout cover up for easy pouring. It's designed for safe and easy pouring. The plastic lid knob, spout cover and handle are heat resistant

I love to gift a thoughtful gift and anything personalised is always a winner. Boutique gifts have a huge range of amazing unquiet gifts for the man in your life. I am in love with this stunning Black Moleskine notebook in which you can have their initials personalised you can choose which colour of the initial or name up to 7 letters in embossed, gold embossed, and silver embossed

This is a beautiful luxury gift with a lovely personalized touch. It has beautifly lined pages for making notes or writing. it really would make a lovely and thoughtful gift. 

Now a sure-fire winner is to get your father their favourite tipple. If your father is a vodka lover then can I introduce you to one very special vodka guarantee to impress any vodka drinker. JJ Whitley Artisanal Vodka In the word of a very famous advert this is just any vodka this is Artisanal vodka. 

Not only has this JJ Whitley Artisanal vodka won a number of prestigious awards but it is one of the finest vodkas on the market. It has been crafted from the finest winter wheat and water drawn from an artesian well ( 160 meters deep) it is the pout through four filtration stages to ensure it is balanced perfectly and to be distilled. Making it a super smooth and silky-tasting vodka. 

For the non-alcohol drinkers, I have a treat for you too. Enter Mocktails Who make the most delicious and best-tasting Mocktails I have ever tasted. I know when I am not drinking I would still like to enjoy a nice cocktail but without the alcohol. I have finally found the perfect option. 
I recommend getting one of the mixed variety 12 packs as a gift this gives them a good range to try these amazing mocktails. 

They are all under 95 calories and have no nasty chemicals or additives. They come in 
Cosmopolitan, Margarita, Sangria, and Moscow Mule. They have been uniquely crafted to be delicious and taste just as good as an alcoholic cocktail but just without the hangover. But of course, you can add your favourite beverage to make them a cocktail at home. 

I mean kids and grown-ups love it so it is the wonderful world of Haribo. I did not know these HARIBO Megastars existed and now I am obsessed. I love Haribo and I know most people do. I am kinda judging people who don't. This massive box is crammed with all your favourites from starmix, tangfastics, supermix and giant strawbs. I mean could it get any better for anyone with a sweet tooth in your family. These would make the perfect gift for fathers day and you can of course share them with the whole family too. 

I hope you enjoyed this little fathers day gift guide. 

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