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The best forms of active recovery to support your workout regime

Exercising is a fantastic way to get physically fitter, more disciplined and get a hit of endorphins. However, it is equally important to give your body the time it needs to recover and repair the muscles you have been working.

As defined by Healthline, active recovery is low-intensity activity that keeps blood flowing to help muscles recover and rebuild from intense physical exertion.

Active recovery is an opportunity to give your body time to recuperate [along with consistent lengthy sleep] without having to completely switch off, and in some cases will even give you the opportunity to work body parts that may be missed in your regular regime!

Here we have gathered some of the best methods of active recovery to incorporate into your lifestyle:


Yoga is one of the most popular forms of exercise in the world and is a fantastic option as a standalone form of exercise, or to be used as active recovery.

With hundreds of online classes, experts, and YouTube tutorials, it is an accessible form of recovery too.

Sessions often consist of long, slow movements with a focus on balance, form and breathing that engage a range of muscles in the body. It is usually a bodyweight-only form of exercise with little to no high-impact movements making it an ideal alternative that keeps your muscles moving and the blood flowing in between your regular workout sessions.

At the same time, pilates can be a great option for your workout support too. Reading up on the benefits on can help you to make a decision if this is right for you. The blend of movement that pilates offers could be just what your body needs to grow and recover.


Swimming is a fantastic way to get your entire body moving in between workouts without putting extra pressure on sensitive joints such as knees, hips, and ankles.

Not only does swimming reduce impact on your body and get the blood moving, but it is one of the few forms of exercise that will engage your entire body from head to toe.

Whether you are brave enough for a chilly open water swim or it’s just a dip at your local pool, as an active recovery option, swimming is a fantastic choice!


Walking or jogging is a great way to introduce active recovery right in the gym itself. With many forms of exercise engaging much of the upper body, going for a light run on a treadmill is a wonderful way to give those parts of your body a rest whilst also working the legs and core.

Not only is running a fantastic way to actively recover, but treadmills and running machines have a range of settings to suit your own ability, goals, and type of exercise you want to take on.

If you are focusing on weightlifting or higher intensity exercise in short sharp bursts, running on a treadmill for longer periods of time can help to build up your stamina and aerobic fitness, which can also translate into your other exercises!

Whether you are on a new exercise kick or have been grinding it out in the gym for a few years, recovery, and particularly active recovery, should be considered a key part of your regime. Not only is it important to give your muscles a rest without making them idle, but it also allows other parts of your body to get moving.

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