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Where to save and splurge on your wedding guest outfit.

The summer is coming up on us fast and you know what that means it's almost wedding season. Between June and September is the most popular time in the UK to get married. This year is going to be the busiest wedding season on record because most people choose to postpone their nuptials from the last two years to a time where they can celebrate freely with their guests. 

With this, the wedding invitations are coming in thick and fast. There is one thing for sure you want to look your best at every event you attended but this year our budgets are not as flexible as they once were. With the basic cost of living going up this reflects on the budget you have for more fun things like new outfits. But you also want to be there for your friends and family and attend their special day. 

Today I want to share my top tips on how to dress to impress at a summer wedding but also where to save and where to splurge a little bit. 

wedding guest dancing at wedding

The outfit 

We are all guilty of ordering far too many expensive dresses and outfits for weddings. It can be really difficult when you are looking for the right outfit. You want to look your best and sometimes that can cost a lot or a little. 

So here is my little tip

I will go on my favourite sites and find outfits I like and know will suit me. I will then look up the size guide and work out my size. I may even go into the store in question and try on the outfit or dress so I know my size and see if the style suits me. 

Next, I will go onto resell sites like Vinted and Depop and buy the outfit there. I have had beautiful designer items from these sites at a fraction of the cost. With so many weddings this can save you a fortune and the best bit is you can then resell the item to someone else once you have worn it. It's a win-win and major money saver plus you can find some great one of a kind or vintage items that no one else will have. 

stunning gold earring on womens ear at wedding

The jeweley 

One of my favourite things to add style to any outfit is nice jewellery and I think this is the one area you should spend a little more on. The thing about nice quality jewellery is it will last forever and will always look good.

For example, a really nice classic pair of gold earrings will always be in style. You can dress your earrings up with complimentary rings and necklace then add them with the right clothing and you will look elegant and sophisticated but equally, you can wear gold earrings every day. 

But in my opinion, buying nicer items and wearing them time and time again is better than buying costume pieces. There is something so nice about high-quality jewellery and it is a much more sustainable way of buying jewellery. 

pair for glittering shoes outside church at wedding

The shoes

I love shoes there I said it. I just love them I love classic shoes and I love bold statement shoes. I tend to only buy a few pairs of shoes I can pair with lots of outfits. I try to have a couple of pairs of classic styles and a few out there more unique items. 

I have shoes for all budgets but when I know I am going to be wearing these shoes all day to a wedding I do like to splurge just a little to make sure my feet are comfortable. 

I say I splurge well in the way I do. I tend to buy designer shoes from discount outlets. There are a few good ones in the UK I think my favourite is Bicester village and Cheshire Oaks. These both have all the big names you can think of and I always find amazing shoe bargains there. 

I am quite savvy when I go I might not have an event on the horizon but I will think to the future and buy classic shoes that I love that I know will go with any outfit. This means when a wedding is near I already have shoe options and I don't need to worry about buying some. I always look for summer shoes in the winter in discount outlets as this is the time they have the biggest discounts. 

white wedding hand bag and shoes


I say I love shoes but handbags have my heart really. For handbags, I do a mixture of things. I always wait for a good sale or discount code. There are always sales around the corner. 

I have a bit of a Rebecca Minkoff collection I Just love her bags they are amazing. I have bought these on sale or with code or through sites like Depop and Vinted

Again if you are at a discount outlet this is a great place to find discounted designer and high-end handbags. 

Quility handbags are built to last and I have bags from 10 years plus I still have that look brand new. So why not shop smarter and grab a bargain you can have for years and years to come. 

woman wedding quest celebrating wedding

Hair and make up 

I personally would rather get my hair and makeup done professionally wouldn't we all but I live in the Highlands and let's face it money is tight at the moment for us all. 

So what I do is quite simple really I watch lots of youtube tutorials and spend a little bit of time learning how to do my hair and make it in a nice way so I can do it myself and save some time and money. There are so many tutorials to follow that if you are struggling with the one you will find a better one that will explain it to your understanding. 

Plus instead of paying someone to use products on you if you buy the products, you can use them time and time again. this makes it more cost-effective in the long run. 

I hope this little guide has helped you to find ways to save a bit of money this wedding season. 

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