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5 ways to put the spice back into your relationship

It can happen in any relationship things can change and get a bit stale. Not because you no longer love each other or find each other attractive but because of many factors. You are too busy, life can get in the way of relationships sometimes and it can make things seem even worse. Once you get into a new pattern it can be hard to find a way out of it. 

Relationships take work and something we all forget this. We can just expect it to be perfect and happy all the time. But there are two individuals in a relationship and they are both living different lives together. It can be hard work to look after a relationship and you can often compare your relationship to others. Especially in this social media world where we tend to only put the good online. It can be a hard and lonely place to be when you are in a rut in your relationship. But today we are going to talk about how to get the spark back in your relationship and add some spicy back into it. 

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1. Make time for each other

Making time for each other seems like an obvious answer yes. But this can be the toughest on to do. You are living a busy life and are in a routine and this can be hard to change. It is natural to fall into a routine and forget to allow time for your other half. We can be so good at looking after other people outside our relationship but forget that we need to take care of ourselves and our other half. 

One easy way to carve out time is to actually do it. Get your diary and place date nights or date days in it. Find a time when you can be alone and spend some quality time together. Spending time together is the key to bringing the spice back into your relationship

2. Communication

We can all be guilty of not saying what we actually feel. Whether you just can't be bothered to have the awkward conversation or are just too busy to think about it. Communication with your other half is the only way things will change and get better. They might not know that anything is wrong so how can they make it change if they don't know. You need to be open and honest with your partner. 

3. Spice up the bedroom 

Of course, the bedroom can be the place that can bring the spice back. Has your sex life become monotonous? You know every Thursday night type of thing and only that night? It might be time to get more adventurous in the bedroom. 

If you have open and honest communication with your other half. It is time to start a conversation about what you want in the bedroom and vice versa. What have you always fancied trying? What about some light bondage? A little bit of tieing up can be fun. Lovehoney has some amazing and fun Handcuffs & Bondage Restraints to help on your sexual journey. 

 Adding a new item to your sex life can add a lot of spice. This can be anything from dressing up to bondage to toys to food – the world is your oyster in this sense. As long as your partner is willing, you can explore your deepest fantasy. Go on and have the conversation that can lead to a new sexual awakening. If you're looking to explore new sex positions, particularly the prone bone, which offers both intimacy and pleasure, read this guide for insightful tips and variations to enhance your experience. Embracing new ideas can profoundly rejuvenate your relationship.

4. Physical touch 

Now I know we have just talked about sex but there is physical touch to talk about too. I am talking about the more every day touching.  From holding hands to massage and comforting. Physical touch in a relationship is said to be one of the first things to go when a relationship becomes stale. It can be easier to have sex than to actually be intimate with your partner. 

But the little everyday touches can be a powerful thing. Holding hands and caressing your other half can make you feel more connected and more in sync with their needs. Talk is easy but touch is better. Think. about a hug. Hugs are a powerful tool. We use them to say hello to comfort someone to say goodbye. Physical touch is important to us all. 

5. Work out together

Now bear with me here. I know what you are thinking. But working out with your partner is a great way to bring back a spark. Finding a type of fitness you both enjoy and can do together is a great way to connect with each other on another level. Plus getting your heart pumping releases endorphins which can deepen your emotional connection. Finding a new hobby like cycling or HIIT can give you a new focus for your couple time and also bring you to new places to enjoy together. 

I hope these tips will help add some spice and intimacy back into your relationship. 

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