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How businesses can give back to the community

The world is a difficult place at the moment and the news is full of stories of the cost of living crisis and how it is affecting everyone. The more people I speak to the more I hear real stories of the effects of the cost of living. I think we are all feeling it one way or another. From the rise in energy prices to fuel prices to food price increases. Is it just me who feels everything has gone up in price exponentially? 

These increases have affected everyone but it has hit some people really hard indeed. People who were struggling in the first place are in a really bad situation and this is not a good place to be. It is now we need to all think about how fortunate we are and how important it is to help people. 

The news is also full of the biggest companies in the world with billion-pound profits who do very little in the way of helping others and what they do, do is the least possible. Yet there are smaller businesses out there really making an effort to help where they can. This is mind-blowing but it is the truth some of the smallest businesses are doing the most for charity whilst the massive ones do the bear minimum. But we never hear about the businesses that are really making a massive effort to help people. That's because they don't shout about it they are humble and just doing it to be kind and are not doing it for the fame of it all, unlike unnamed billion-pound companies who forget to pay taxes etc. Ahem, we all know who I am looking at. 

But today I want to talk about ways businesses can give back to the community and a business I am impressed with. 

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There are so many easy ways a business can give back to the community. 

1. Offer your own products

So you have a business offering products. One way you can give back is by offering your product to charity and community projects. 

Builder Depot offers a Charitable Donations Programme where charities, schools or community programs can apply to have some help from them. Say a school need some woodwork tools or a charity needs construction supplies they will endeavour to donate to the cause or offer big discounts on building material. This really helps and gives back not only to local charities and organisations but to any organisation in need in the UK that can apply.

2. Share your skills. 

You have grown your business you have gained valuable skills and knowledge on how to do this. This is information that can help grow a charity. Most charities do not have millions of pounds behind them and you will find they need a little helping hand with day-to-day things you do without thinking about. From starting an Instagram account to how to apply for grants and bookkeeping. This information can be invaluable to new charities or community projects. 

3. Give them some of your time. 

Most charities and community projects need help to get volunteers. You could always give your employees or yourself a couple of hours off to help at local events and charity fundraisers. This can be more valuable than a donation. A lot of time and effort goes into the organisation of charity events. You could suggest that your employees attend the local charity events or do a bulletin email to everyone letting them know that an event is happening in their area with ways to help out. This can be a great way to get people interested in giving back to the community

4. Promote another business

Local businesses, charities and community projects need all the help they can get when it comes to promotion. This seems simple but this can have a massive impact on the business. Just mentioning a new start-up can help give them a leg up and get their name out there. You have gotten where you are with hard work and now it is time to give back by helping the smaller local business to do the same. 

5. Sponsorship

Lots of community projects and charities hold events. From local dances to gala days to sporting events the list is endless. By being the main sponsor of the event you will be greatly helping the charity or organisation. There will be one of your employees who is involved in a local charity or organisation that needs help with funding for an event. Being a main sponsor shows the world you are trying to make a difference in the world whilst also getting your name out there in the local communities as someone who is committed to helping the community. win-win

I practise what I preach 

I hope these ideas have helped give you some ideas on how businesses can give back. I myself am self-employed and I am an active volunteer with my local charity which is close to my heart. I have social media skills so I run their social media. You can give back in many ways and this is my way of giving back. I don't really tell people I do this but I have been doing it for years and I am so glad I do by getting more media coverage we can get more donations which are greatly needed in this economy. You may think you don't have any skill a charity would like but I can bet you they will be grateful for your even inquiring to help. You can make a difference and so can your business. 

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