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The Ultimate Camping Packing List for Beginners

This year camping has exploded and as a seasoned camper I thought I would put together my ultimate camping packing list for beginners as I am seeing more people than ever are going camping for the first time and this can be daunting. I remember it well. I was very intimidated on my first trip. 

So are you ready to embark on an epic camping adventure? Don't worry if you're new to camping. it is easier than you think and  I've got you covered with this super easy packing list! And guess what? Its not as stressful as you are thinking it will be. So let the fun and adventure begin. 

Let's dive in and get you all set for an unforgettable trip!

view to the outside from in side tent outside is a forest wonderland

Stay Cosy in Your Home Away from Home:

First things first, you'll need a comfy Tent or Tent Box. Pick a tent that suits your group size, and don't forget the ground tarps, stakes, and guy lines to keep it steady. Snuggling up is vital, so grab a warm sleeping bag, a comfy sleeping mat, and a cosy pillow. Good sleep is essential for a fun-filled adventure! I recommend getting a sleeping bag that matches the conditions. If you are camping in summer you do not want a really thick sleeping bag and if you are camping in winter you need a really warm one and extra blankets. 

Dress for Camping Success:

Dressing right can make all the difference! Check the weather forecast and pack clothes accordingly. But remember if you are heading to Scotland and especially the Scottish Highlands expect rain and it will be cooler than you expect.  Layers are your best friends! Don't forget you can mix and match to stay comfy all day long. If you are in the mountains the higher you climb the colder it will be.

Oh, and don't forget those super comfy hiking boots or trail shoes for exploring the great outdoors! 

But remember to break them in if they are new. Believe me, going on a massive hike in new hiking boots is no fun. So pop them on a few times before you head out camping. You want to be comfy not in pain. 

Safety First and Self-Care Always:

Safety is your top priority! Pack a first aid kit with bandages, antiseptic wipes, pain relievers, and tweezers 
just in case. One of my favourite antiseptics to carry is some Colloidal Silver Multi-Purpose Antibacterial Gel, It's like magic, it helps prevent infections and aids wound healing. Plus, it's a natural hand sanitiser win-win. It really is a wonderful product. If you get an insect bite pop some on it will really help. Its a really good multi-use product. I love it. 

Do not forget SPF no matter where you are camping SPF is your friend. Please pack it. The sun can be more damaging than you think even if it is overcast. No one wants sun-damaged skin ruining your trip. Believe me, carrying a backpack with sunburn is no fun. 

Cook Up a Storm:

Cooking delicious meals in nature is wonderful! You will need to get a portable camping stove or BBQ or fire pit and the right cookware to whip up those camping delicacies. But please for the sake of your wonderful surrounding. Cook responsibly. Do not leave any outdoor BBQ or fire pits unattended and dispose of them with care and attention. This can save lives. 

It is a good idea to fill your backpack with tasty non-perishable snacks like dried fruits, nuts, energy bars, and canned goodies. And of course, staying hydrated with a reusable water bottle and a water purification system is a must-have. Even up here in the highland, it is not recommended to drink out of streams in summer. You do not know what is in the stream or what might be dead in the stream further up. 

Find Your Way and Light Up the Night:

Getting lost isn't fun, so bring along a map, compass, or GPS device and your phone with a spare battery pack and a spare battery for torches. I have rechargeable battery with charger I find these the best as I can charge them up before every trip. 

Phone signals in remote areas can be hit or miss. If you are venturing off the beaten path please tell someone where you are going and when you will return. Give time estimates and set up a buddy system. A buddy system is where you check in with a selected person to tell them you are ok at certain times and places. This will really help requirers if the need arises. Your safety is paramount. 

When the sun sets, a head torch and handheld torch will guide your way and keep the fun going after dark! I recommend picking a couple good tactical flashlights these are bright and very handy in an emergency.  This can also be used in an emergency to alert the emergency services. 

Stay Fresh and Clean:

No need to sacrifice cleanliness for camping!  If you are at a campsite there will be toilets and showers to get clean up in but if you are off the beating you need to pack biodegradable soap, hand sanitiser, toothbrush, toothpaste, body/face wipes and anything else to keep you feeling fresh and fabulous. But always remember to reapply that SPF.

Handy Tools and Miscellaneous Fun:

Always pack a multi-tool or pocket knife.  Some Duct tape too which is a camping must-have for quick repairs, it has gotten me out of all sorts of jams. Oh, and don't forget your camera to capture all those jaw-dropping landscapes and fun silly camping moments!

Just remember camping is fun but you are at the mercy of the elements to so make sure you pack for every eventuality and you will be fine. If this is your first camping trip book a campsite. This way you can get used to the experience before embarking on bigger adventures. 

You're all set, With this camping packing list, you'll be well-prepared for the adventure of a lifetime. So, let's hit the trails, embrace the beauty of nature, and make memories that'll last a lifetime. 

Happy camping, and enjoy every moment out there! You've got this and you will love it. 

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