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My must have essentials for every camping trip.

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Let talk about what are the best items for camping. As you know I am an outdoorsy girl so the items I have picked for this guide will reflect this. 
sleeping bag on grass for campingunwrapped sleeping bag on grass ready for camping

First things first, You need a good sleeping bag. I love Berghaus sleeping bags. They are the best in my opinion. I always buy mine from Blacks as they have the best range and sales. This one is a 3 season sleeping bag meaning it can handle spring thought to autumn but for more extreme temperatures you want to have a look at one of the other options black have. The reason I choose this particular bag is that it is warm and packs down so small. If we are camping on a biking trip this is not a problem to carry and you also get a great night sleep regardless of the outside temperature. It is so nice to sleep in. I love that it has a little pocket on your chest this is a fantastic added extra. I find all of Berghaus items really have had lots of thought put into them. I also think the colour is so fun. 

man on beach in hooded towel with sea in background
I have no idea how I lived before I got this red original towel £45. This is the best item I own for the beach and camping. I love that it is over the head pull on. the quality of this towel is amazing. As you can see here my husband stole it from me after he went wild swimming. I love that it is big. I can get completely changed underneath it. Which save any accidental nudist moments.  This really is the most perfect item. I have worn it home from the beach. It drys you in no time at all. I can not believe this is only £45. My friend has a similar one which cost her double and is nowhere near this quality. 

beach with rock with waterproof pouch waterproof punch on rock at beach

waterproof bag on rock on beach white sands

inside waterproof bag on rockwaterproof bag on beach

Now you know when you are camping and you have got caught in a rain shower and before you know it your valuables are completely soaked. I have the best solution. Red original dry pouch £65
I have had a lot of dry bags in my time and this one is awesome. It has a padded insert to keep your phone and breakables safe and it is completely waterproof you can kayak with it. It is gorgeous. I know what you thinking gorgeous? But the quality is outstanding I love the design and it is so robust I'm pretty sure it is bomb proof. If like me you have lost a few car keys to getting wet you need this in your life now. Go on get one. 

tweed bag on green grass

camping picnic bag on grasscamping bag with cups and plates

picnic spread on grass with champagne and plates.
vonshef 4 person adventure backpack form Domu £49.99. I know what you are thinking this is a little extravagant but it really isn't. But I completely disagree. This is amazing value. I honestly can not believe what is all contained in this gorgeous bag. Can we take a minute for how nice the bag is? It is so luxury. It looks like tweed to me, you know I love it. The leather is such a nice design feature. On the outside two insulated bottle holders for all your Champers or Prosecco or whiskey as my husband puts in it. Then you open it up and it is like Aladdin's cave. Full cutlery set for 4 with a bread knife. The added touch of a bread knife is genius. How many times have you had fresh bread at a picnic and tried to saw through it? as you can see in my photos. There is a huge blanket which has a waterproof backing and is so nice to sit on. There are 4 plates and wine glasses, 4 lovely napkins. salt and pepper shakers. Bottle openers and cheese board. it also has a separate big cooler bag which can be removed and used on its own. It really has everything you could need for the beach or picnic. You can also remove everything fro it and you have an awesome overnight bag. 

bright yellow bag on grass
waterproof camping bag on wall backpack on rocks
The best camping bag. waterproof-backpacks £69.99. This bag is completely waterproof. I mean you can take it on a paddleboard or kayaking and your kit will be completely dry. It has a huge 20 litres of space. This is perfect for camping biking trips. It is so comfortable to carry and you can fit everything you need for a few nights in it. I love that it is high vis. This is also great in an emergency as you can use it to be seen. It has a roll top closer keeping all your items secure. It has loads of features from an LED light fixture to an internal pocket. I have had a few waterproof bags but this is the first to have an internal key pocket so handy. I'm going to do a full review of this one after our camping trip as I want to give you the full lowdown. Keep a look out for that soon. 

Next up The VonHaus 4-in-1 Dynamo Lantern. £12.99 I love this. It's a self-powered light and emergency USB socket. All you have to do is wind the handle to get the battery charged. Perfect when our camping and you have no access to plug sockets. I first bike light was operated this way. I remember it so well. Unlike my bike light, this is a simple wind up and you are ready to go. This is a two-fold item for me. I live int he highland and we get a few power cuts up here in the winter so it is a great thing to have in case of an emergency. This touch has four setting super bright led torch, 10 led lantern. A 5 red light SOS beacon and an emergency USB phone charging port. This really is the best touch to have with you win an emergency. 
waterproof phone case on wall waterproof blue phone holder

Waterproof iphone case from overboard £18.99. This is by far the best waterproof phone case I have ever owned. You can even paddleboard with it if you wanted. no water dust or sand is getting near your phone in this bad boy that is for sure. It is super lightweight and the seal on it is so strong and robust. I love the colour and it adds no extra weight as it is so light so when packing for a trip it takes up no room. It has a carabiner and a long cord so you can choose either as a way of attaching it to you. perfect for any camping trip. 

canteen for water
As you know I am a huge coffee fan. On my must-have camping list has to be Airpot
tea & coffee urn from Andrew James £27.99. This is the 5-litre size meaning I can fill it up in to morning and have hot tea and coffee all day. This Urn keeps water hot for 24 hours. It has a pump action sports and its super convenient to carry. I think this is a must for tea and coffee drinker Or if you want cold drinks. This clever Urn does it all. 

 Lastly A carbon monoxide detector from 
Project shout is trying to educate us in the Uk about the importance of travelling with one of these lifesaving gadgets. Cardon monoxide is orderless and this is the only way you can detect this lethal killer. This little gadget is so small it can easily be popped in your luggage. it is not just for holidays abroad I also take it to hotels in the UK. Check out more about the project above. 

pin for camping item check list