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The best beauty gadget on the market

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Let's talk about the only beauty gadget you need this summer. This really is the bee all and end all does everything beauty tech. I was on holiday with my friend Claire and we were chatting about hair removal, as you do right. I was complaining about shaving and She was singing the praised about epilating. I have always been a bit scared and septical about epilating. If I am to be honest. But she really had me intrigued. You know I love to test out the latest beauty products and give you real recommendations on what to spend your hard earned cash on and what not to. So on that note. 

Enter my new best beauty friend Panasonic Epilator ES-ED96 £149.99 This is an 8 in one product. It does everything from epilating to deep facial cleansing. For getting ready for a holiday there is no better bit of equipment. 
panisonic eplator panasonic 8 in 1 beauty gadget

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I have used this epilator for over 3 weeks. So I know what you are thinking how did it go right? 

The first thing you need to know about this epilator. It can be used wet and dry. It is recommended to use this in the bath to start with as it opens the pores in your skin making the hair removal less painful. I took a few minutes to familiarise myself with the instructions. They are all really easy to understand. The epilator has a really handy light so you can easily see where you are going to use the epilator. I let the hair on my legs grow for about a week before I started. For the first stroke, I added shower gel to the epilator as instructed. It was a bit of a shock But not painful. If like me you are used to having your eyebrows plucked or threaded it is a similar pain. It is not where near as painful as waxing. 

It took me about 15 minutes to do both legs. The epilator has two hair removal disc with the little tweezers in them. Thus making sure even the tiniest hair are not a problem and they are removed. 
The head can pivot 60degress making no part of the body unreachable. There are two speeds a normal speed and softer for more delicate areas of the body. This is by far the best method of hair removal I have ever found. For the first few weeks, you have to epilator more regularly as your hair grows in different cycles. As I am writing this two weeks of completely hair-free legs! Goodbye razors hello Panasonic epilator. 

small epilator head panasopnic
 This is the mini epilator head. I use this for my underarms as I find it is harder to remove the hairs here as they all grow in different directions. This is also great for facial hair. I find this doesn't cause any irritation for me. The first time I did my legs I was left with tiny bumps but they disappeared overnight. I honestly think there is no better hair removal system. 

It also comes with an electric shaver attachment. I am afraid I have not tried it that if it is anywhere near as good as the epilator it will be awesome. I just have no areas that this would work for. 

flat lay with panasonic face brush

Next up the amazing extras. If like me you are preparing for a trip this is where the added extras really come in to play. This comes with two facial brushes for deep cleansing. The high-density brush which uses sonic vibrations to exfoliate the skin. This is so gentle but effective. This is amazing for prepping the body for tanning. The massaging action really gets the product into the skin and makes a huge difference. 

 I have tried lots of pedicures products. This is by far the best I have tried. It is super effective. It removes hard skin with ease. I have honestly tried so many of these type of gadget. This is the first I have had any success with on my husbands feet. This is a miracle in its self and I would buy this for this reason alone. His feet are left soft and replenished. This is actually almost to good to be true but I promise It is. 

It comes with a Uk plus adapter. When I was looking at which epilator to get. This was one of the only ones which actually comes with a UK charger. I feel like the team at Panasonic have really put huge thought into this product. I honestly think this does everything you could need a product to do and more. I will not be with our this amazing piece of kit and will be recommending it to everyone I meet.