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Common mistakes in your skin care routine

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We all want a beautiful, healthy skin. That does not necessarily mean you have to fork out w months wage for expensive products. It is way more important to choose those products that are suitable for your skin type and any skin conditions you might have. On top of that, you need to use those products in the right way. A good start is to learn about the common mistakes many people make when it comes to their skincare routine. Here are the most common skin errors you should stop right now:

1. Not changing your skin care routine
Most people perform the same skin care ritual, day in day out. But your skin is a living organism i.e. it changes over time and adapts to external influences. For example, the current season and weather conditions determine which products you should be using. In the winter, the air is drier. Your skin can become dehydrated and sensitive. An example of internal factors is the changes in your hormone balance. If you’re a woman and in a specific stage in your cycle, your skin might be more oily, or more irritable than other times. So your skin care product choices should reflect the needs of your skin right now. 

2.Forgetting your hands
We mostly focus on our face and neck. Especially when it comes to choosing rejuvenating creams and treatments. But once you hit a certain age, it’s your hands that show the most wear and tear. They do quite a bit of hard work every day and are in the sun quite a bit. Hands that are not taken care of properly, with red spots, dry nails and dried out skin will cause people to think you’re older than you really are. People with soft and well-groomed hands are estimated to be younger. Treat your hands regularly with a moisturizing cream 

That also protects against the sun and fades stains. Use moisturizers with aloe vera or algae extracts for chapped and rough hands. For supple skin massage your hands with almond or coconut oil. 

3. Not checking ingredients
This is one of the most important steps in creating a skin care routine that works for YOUR skin. If you just believe the promise on the bottle, but don’t read what you’re really putting on your face, you will never learn what works and what doesn’t. So start reading up on ingredients, check what’s in your products and avoid the bad stuff. 

Understanding your skin and learning what to look for in products and treatments, is a fundamental step. I found a great infographic by beauty blog Our World is Beauty that is basically a complete guide to effective and safe skin care. Pin it as a cheat sheet, and make sure to check out the full article on rocking your skin care routine here.

4.Washing too often
Most women are worried about greasy or dirty skin and wash as soon as they feel it getting sticky or shiny. By washing your face too often you strip your skin of its natural oils and disrupt its natural hydration process. Because this causes dryness, your skin can start producing extra sebum or oils, which increases the chance of greasy skin. And a downward spiral begins. Keep your washing limited to twice a day: once when you get up, and once again when you go to bed. 

5.Using products too long
All cosmetics have an expiration date. This means they will actually go bad after a certain period. They will also use their effectiveness because the active substances in them don’t work anymore. In the worst case, over date products can irritate and damage your skin. So check the date before you put stuff on. Your face will thank you!

6. Exfoliating too much
When you get sick of how your skin looks or feels, scrubbing or exfoliating may feel like the perfect solution to a “fresh start”. However, you should not do this too often. Thought it removes dead skin cells and gives you a fresh and healthy appearance, your natural skin barrier can get damaged. This leads to moisture loss and higher sensitivity to external influences. Which can end up in the drier and damaged skin? For dry skin, keep exfoliation at a maximum frequency of twice a month. Normal to oily skin can get exfoliated once a week. Make sure you use a very gentle exfoliator with natural ingredients (and none of this plastic balls stuff).

7. Aggressive cleaners
Do you know what the PH-value is of your skin? If you have a licensed esthetician analyze your skin, you would. If you don’t however, you might be using the wrong skin cleanser and end up with a disrupted PH-balance. It may feel like it is creating a pure skin, but in reality, it is burning the top layer. This can result in a dry, dull, irritated skin with pimples. Let your esthetician measure your PH-value and advise on suitable cleansers.