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Top 5 Destinations to Travel to Via Car

If you’re looking for a last minute road trip with family or friends, check out the most popular destinations for 2018 below. Travelling by car is a perfect way to take in the sights, see breathtaking scenery and experience cultures in all parts of the UK and Europe. Before you set off, ensure you have everything you need. Pack the essentials, refuel and don’t forget to contact the DVLA if you need any documents for your vehicle that you don’t already have. If you’re thinking of visiting the EU, make sure you have your passport. If you don’t, ensure you talk to HMRC about replacing it.


Although Portmeirion is best seen by foot, getting there is one of the best driving experiences. See the countryside in bloom, and travel along winding coast roads to let the ocean air in. You won’t be disappointed with a trip to Portmeirion, with an exquisite village and colourful buildings, I wouldn’t blame you for thinking that this town was to be found somewhere in rural Europe. But alas, it’s found in rural Wales!

The Cotswold’s

With medieval villages, cobbled streets and tonnes of countryside to explore, The Cotswold’s is great for a weekend away – and getting there by car is a great experience. Here you’ll find the beautiful stately home where Downton Abbey was filmed, as well as beautiful pubs where you can have lunch nestled away from the world.


If you’re looking for something more further afield, then Reykjavik could be the perfect destination for you. Home of the famous Blue Lagoon, Reykjavik has waterfalls in abundance, and travelling by car is a great way to find the best viewing spots for the Northern Lights! Don’t miss the chance to go on a whale watching tour here, and make sure you try one of many outdoor lagoons filled with steaming water!


Winding country roads on daring cliff edges, beautiful mountain views, and waterfalls in abundance, Norway is filled with road trip ideas for the thrill seekers. Troll’s Ladder is a popular destination, and is perfect for photo opportunities. Watch out though, sharp drops and a cascading waterfall await if you choose to visit…

The North Coast, Scotland

For a true sense of Scotland, be sure to visit the North Coast in Scotland. Steeped in history and Scottish Culture, the coast line is dotted with ancient sites such as burial grounds, and quaint pubs can be found for rest bite. If that doesn’t have you itching to visit, be sure to take a look at the ancient castle ruins along the way.
Guest post by Gina Kay Daniel
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