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Brand Review For Better CTR

I have recently started working with Better CTR. They are a service provider to SEO agencies and work with bloggers like myself, offering their clients a number of valuable services. Blogger outreach, infographic promotion, affiliate marketing and paid advertising seem to be the main services they are involved with.

Their website is clear and precise. Finding your way around the website is simple and the pages list the services they provide. They explain what you can expect and how much things cost. Looking at what they do and the competition the prices and services on offer seem very reasonable. I am, of course, not linked to this company at all and I have just been asked to write a review.


Competitive and inline with the competition. They offer an affiliate marketing service for agencies which appears to be exceptionally good value for money. For a monthly fee of just £495 this seems great value and it gives the agency a great opportunity to resell their services and make a margin for themselves too. Agencies can run multiple campaigns for this fee listed so it seems quite good.

They offer their clients a level of flexibility and have many pricing options available for each service. Their affiliate marketing service starts at £95 with no setup fee and compared to other providers this is quite attractive. I have seen other providers charge as much as £4000 for the setup and £400 for the monthly fee so these charges seem to be quite reasonable. It's not know how many affiliates they work with so this figure might increase when they become more popular.

Site Navigation

Navigating your way around their site is quite easy. I found the information I needed without too much trouble and they make use of colours too. Each page has a contact form making it easy to contact them.

Who Would Use Them
They offer their services to Search Engine Optimisation agencies and digital marketing agencies within the United Kingdom. They are located in the Midlands area. They appear to work with quite a few bloggers and affiliates covering a broad range of topics including fitness, fashion, food, beauty, travel and pretty much every other blogging topic. On their terms, they do say that if you place an order with them and if they can't find a suitable blogger for a project they will offer a full refund.

They state that certain services come with a level of support but I have no further information to share with you about this. They have an email address, telephone number and appear to be active on social media too. Their office is located in Telford, which I presume they can offer an element of support and client management from this location.

Final Verdict
From what I see they provide quite a nice service and the prices appear to be in line with other companies which are offering the same services. However, what is not clear on their website is how many affiliates they work with but they do state that they will recruit for each campaign, this is useful to know.