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How I combat mind fog

I am writing to you from a very sunny Andorra, As you know the life a blogger is an unusual one and today. I want to talk to you all about focus or my problems with focus. A few years ago I was tested for Lymes disease. The testing was over a period of a year and my results were inconclusive. If you have the miss fortune to know about Lymes you will know the testing system in the Uk is not very advanced. To the extent that my doctor was happy to conclude I was affected by Lymes. I have also had the miss-pleasure of glandular fever.  Both these conditions have left me with lots of annoying after effects including chronic fatigue but the one that gets to me the most is mind fog.

Mind fog.
Everyone has different symptoms of mental fog. For me, I have periods of difficulty concentrating. I have trouble sleeping and am forgetful. I can be having a full conversation with you and I will forget what I was saying halfway through.  I can become confused easily too. I know what you are thinking you have a few of these systems too. Well, this is why I want to introduce you to a new product I have found to help combat this.
Neuro focus plus tablets on trees

woman with bottle of focus tablets in mountains

Neuro focus plus -nootropic supplement
These amazing tablets are the very best formula for brain energy vitamins and nootropic nutrient they have been painstakingly created by doctors biochemist and nutritionist to find the best and most responsive ingredients on the market. What makes Utmost me (the brand behind the tablets) so special. The formula is a natural nootropic blend. What are nootropics you ask? it is food or dietary supplement which support normal brain functions like our memory concentration and of course our focus.
mountain background with Upmost me focus tablets
Utmost me have clinically proven plant-based ingredients. Which support Alpha brain way activities these are responsible for concentration and creative thinking.  The clever part is their absorption and delivery system. which allows the nutrients to pass through the blood-brain barrier to maximize the benefit of the product. There is, of course, the added benefits from the brain focused victims. from D3 to B12 all the vitamins that are good for your brain are pilled in so you can reap the rewards.

I am not going to list all the ingredients check out their blog for a full blow by blow and expert advice. click here

Green tea is known and proven to help energy in the body. You will know I also love green tea for weight loss and maintenance. 

Rhodiola helps to combat stress and help you concentrate better.

Curcumin focus 
This is another proven ingredient that is renowned for boosting attention and helping memory performance.

The brain vitamin complex
vitamins D3, B&C this combination supports neuronal energy production. 

woman posing in sun with focus tabletshappy woman with focus tablets in sun

I could go on and on about the wonder of this product but I will let you go over to the site and grab all the information and if you want to try it for your self why not buy some. 

I have really found these help me concentrate not only for work but when I am out on the bike I am finding I am making fewer mistakes and riding harder.