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Top Tips for Holidaying in Portugal

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Looking out over the Atlantic Ocean, and bordering the cultural haven of Spain, Portugal is often overlooked by travellers despite all it has to offer. With sandy beaches and busy coastal cities, holiday-goers always leave feeling pleasantly surprised at the wonderful time they have just experienced. As with most European getaways, reaching Portugal is no treacherous journey. In the space of a few short hours, you can reach your new destination and explore its many hidden gems. Knowing where to start may be the only thing holding you back, but there is an array of tips you can follow when you are planning your trip to Portugal, which will help you form some amazing memories.
Visit the Algarve
There is no question that the Algarve is the jewel in Portugal’s crown. Dominating the south coast, this stretch of coastline sees some of the sunniest days of the year, where people come to indulge in the weather all year round. It is usually noted for its dramatic landscape, which encompasses rocky cliffs and golden beaches, and the deepest blue seas. The small city of Faro also makes for a peaceful city break on cooler days. Here, the gleaming white beaches of Tavira Island are only a short boat ride away, where you can unwind on serene shores. No trip to the Algarve would be complete without doing all you can to add a splash of luxury. When choosing accommodation, look towards Algarve villa holidays, where you can have luxury and privacy. Ideal for trips with friends or family, renting out a villa means you get something more than the traditional hotel room.
Explore the natural world
The Algarve is a great introduction to the natural world of Portugal, where you can enjoy coastal hikes along the cliffs and snorkelling in clear blue waters. However, the best natural settings can be found in the north of the country. Interestingly, lots of these national parks show signs of the country’s history, which you can see in the ruins as you walk through the wilderness. One of the best places to see this is at Peneda-Geres National Park, which is defined by rolling, green hills and riverside retreats. You may even get the chance to see wolves here, which are native to the region. Only a short distance from Lisbon, you can find the Arrabida Nature Park, which has craggy cliffs and hidden beaches that are waiting to be explored. For some of the best views, you can head up to the lighthouse at Cabo Espichel.
Make the most of coastal cities
Faro is not the only spot where tourists love to spend their time. In fact, most of Portugal’s main cities are dotted along the coast. Further up, you will find the capital of Lisbon. Famed for cable cars and white houses with orange-tipped roofs, you can experience the best of Lisbon by wandering around its winding streets. As somewhere that preserves its rich history, but also has an unmistakable urban feel, there is no wonder it is beginning to catch the eye of avid travellers. If you are hoping to visit the colourful home of Port, Porto lies further north of Lisbon, and is starting to become accustomed to having tourists visit often. On most days, you can catch the sun setting over the traditional Portuguese buildings, which can be best enjoyed by going on a boat ride along the shore. If you want to escape the crowds, a trip down to the southern city of Sintra will leave you with the perfect photo opportunities of traditional buildings and a cityscape defined by sloping trees.
Indulge in tasty cuisine
Like many places in Europe, Portugal boasts some incredible cuisine. As many of its main cities lie along the coast, you can expect to see lots of seafood and fresh food in most restaurants. There are many national delicacies that people don’t hear of until they land in Portugal, the most famous of which is cod, or Bacalhau. This is cooked in a variety of ways, and you will usually have the chance to choose between salted cod, and fresh cod. In any case, it makes for the perfect addition to any meal, and you can have the freshest produce by trying cod when you are close to the beach. For cooler days, you can enjoy Caldo Verde soup, but there are also a number of dessert dishes that can be found all over the country. The most popular of these are cinnamon rice pudding and a creamy caramel custard.