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5 Reasons to Build Your Brand in Leeds

If you’re a small brand wanting to grow outside the financial constraints of London, then
Leeds is your city to visit. Back in 2019, The Yorkshire Post named Leeds as the best place in
the country to grow a business, based on financial viability and business appeal, and the
local economy is only growing stronger with time.

A hub of culture, and a vibrant student city, Leeds is famous for its vast array of
independent and mass market brands co-existing in a hybrid that is not often seen in large
cities, making it the perfect place to grow your brand to a roaring success.

Here are five reasons that you should grow your business in Leeds, whatever your brand,
and whatever the size.

1. It’s the Home of Channel 4
Channel 4 relocated its headquarters to Leeds in 2021, bringing with it the creation of
hundreds of jobs and creating an opportunity to work with smaller Northern-based
independent creative companies.
If your brand is in the media industry, where better to grow your business under the wing of
one of the biggest broadcasters in the country?

2. It’s a Thriving Student City
Home to the largest number of universities outside London and 39,000 graduates each year,
Leeds is a melting pot of experienced and ambitious young people, and therefore ripe
picking ground for young companies looking for fresh talent.

3. It’s Home to Stellar Digital Marketing Agencies
Digital Marketing is essential for a successful brand, both for advertising and for building a
reputable rapport with customers.

Leeds is home to some of the best digital marketing talent in the country, with companies
such as Maratopia providing essential advice for building brand awareness online with PPC,
SEO and Website Development and Design to get your brand to the top of the Google
results page.

4. Grants Galore
A huge amount of investment is currently being ploughed into Leeds, and there are grants
to help newly established businesses. An example is the Government-funded Business
Growth Programme, which entitles eligible businesses to a sum between £10,000 and

This gives you that well-needed helping hand to get the cogs working towards becoming a
successful business.

5. Diversity is your Friend
The advantage to starting a business in Leeds is the sheer scale of diversity in business
there. As well as a heaving food and hospitality sector, Leeds’ largest sub-sectors are
engineering, printing and publishing, and medical technology, proving that there is a market
for almost everything there.

The city alone also accounts for 4% of the country’s total economic output. This means that
your brand will fit right in with some of the country’s most pioneering and successful
businesses and have the ground to expand and grow.
Have you started a business in Leeds? What are your thoughts about the city? Leave your
answer in the comments below!

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