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The best gift for a dog lover

I am asked a lot about gift suggestions and I write a lot of gift guides I love to review products. You may or may not know that I am a very proud dog mum. I love my dogs they are more than part of the family in this house they are my family. My husband and my two wonderful pups make up our family. 

I have a beautiful Springador Millie (Labrador x Springer spaniel) and an adorable Dalmatian Mylo. My whole life revolves around these two dogs and I wouldn't have it any other way. You see the dogs are not only my family they are more than that to me. I got Millie when she was 18 months and I was in a very dark place. Without her and my husband, I would not be me. I am overly aware that dogs' lives are not as long as us and my mission in life is to make them have the best life possible. So I do spoil them and yes my house is overly full of dog-related items. I am not even sorry. 

This makes me the perfect person to talk to you about the best gifts for any dog lover. Because let's face it have bought a lot of dog items and I have two dogs who are very different and are great at testing out dog gifts. So let's get stuck into the best gifts for dog lovers. 

1. Personalised dog Art

First, us crazy dog people will have so many dog items in our house. I mean probably more than the number of dog hairs we have right? I love a personalised gift and I love a bit of humour. I have found the perfect gift item that combines both. 

Personalised dog wall art imagine getting art to hang on the wall of your dog's heads on different characters from Jedi to emperors or even the president of the USA Or The Paw President I should say.  I am obsessed. You can even have multiple pets on one canvas. The Jedi one above I have ordered for my husband's birthday as I know he will love it. It is so simple to order. You just pick your design from hundreds of options to upload your furry friend's photos and they do the rest. Your canvas is sent straight to your or their door. 

I mean I should just stop there because this is so funny and makes the perfect gift for a dog lover but I do have some more suggestions. In case art and humour is not your dog-loving friend style. 

2. Ruffwear 

I would be doing a diss service if I did not mention Ruffwear. My two pups are ambassadors for this incredible dog wear brand. I have bought Ruffwear items, especially their front range harness for our dogs for years and was over the moon when they wanted to work with us and make Millie and Mylo ambassadors. 

If you are buying for a dog lover they will always thank you for gifts for their dogs and there is no better brand than Ruffwear for doggy gear. They do everything from the harness to wetsuit to beds and boot this brand is for the adventure dog who loves to be outside and have fun. they cover everything from dog walk gear to biking and climbing with full seasons gear too. Doggy cooling in summer and keeping warm in winter. 

3. Personalised mug

Amazon has some incredible personalised mug options but I completely love the  Personalised Coffee Mug. You can customise the women and the dog and the location.  I think this is such a cute idea. The drawings are lovely and they have so many options of dogs which is awesome. It is always hard to get millie on an item as she looks like a lab but is springer spaniel size. Mylo on the other hand is always an option I thank Disney for that one. This would make a super cute and thoughtful gift for any doggy mum. 

4. Notebooks

I love a notebook I mean who doesn't? I use them to write lists from to-do lists to shopping lists to packing lists. I go through notebooks like crazy. I think a nice dog notebook makes a great gift. Amazon has a huge range of styles and options. I have actually received a few from my friends and I was delighted. They are so thoughtful and useful and I think it is always a good gift to receive. 

5. Dog treats

Let's face it any dog lover loves to spoil their pampered pooch and this normally involved a treat or two I know I am always delighted to receive a gift for my pups and not me. So I have to mention my dog's favourite treats.  I have no idea what on earth is in w'zis dog treats but my dogs are obsessed with them. They first received some at Christmas and I have never seen them so excited for a treat. 

Honestly, these treats are a blessing and a cure that is how much my dogs love them. Millie who is very hard to please will wake up and beg for these. I had to hide them so she would stop asking. These have millie saying gravy bones how? My dogs love the big Dubya chews and the little tins of sweet which have flavours like postman and roast and slipper and biscuits. 

I should also mention they are grain-free, vegan, low fat and low sugar. This is perfect as Mylo has a grain allergy. So why not give a gift that will have the dogs loving you and their owners thankful and well kinda annoyed that their dogs love these treats more than them? I am joking of course. 

I hope you have enjoyed this little gift guide and it has helped you find the perfect gift for your dog-obsessed person in your life. 

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