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5 reasons you need to declutter your home now

We are all guilty of having too much clutter and if you are not this post is not for you. I am handing up guilty of a little bit of hoarding. That and I have a bit of the "what if I need it later" mentality. 

No matter where you turn you are subjected to decluttering videos I mean have you been on TikTok or Youtube and not seen a decluttering video? I find these oddly relaxing. I have no idea why but I do. I normally do a big decluttering a few times a year and today I want to talk about why we should all be living a clutter-free life. 

So let's get into 5 reasons why you need to declutter your home now 

1. Clutter and anxiety 

Have you heard the phrase messy house, messy mind and tidy house, tidy mind? Well, this might not be an old wife's tale. This can be true having a messy house can lead to anxiety. The messier your homes get the more anxiety you can feel when you are at home. It's a vicious cycle of messiness and a messy mind. 

Yes, anxiety is a complex matter and I should know I have anxiety but I have to say I am always less anxious when my home is tidy. I completely understand why the two things can be related and also why this can be a trigger for anxiety. 

2.  Bad storage and organisation 

To be clutter free and live your best life, we need lots of storage and some organisation skills. If you are lacking in this department. Now is the time to get this sorted. Having bad storage and organisation will lead you to think your home is cluttered when it actually isn't. There just isn't a place to put things. This can be easily remedied. 

One of the most important things in your home is storage, Storage and cupboards can make or break a house for me. I need lots of storage to keep things tidy. I am not only into fashion and beauty but I am a mountain biker and this comes with a lot of gear and clothing. I need this to be orgnsied and kept tidy so I can grab and go. 

When choosing a house one of my biggest wants is plenty of storage or room for some to be added. I personally love fitted sliding wardrobes they are in my opinion the best solution for keeping my home clutter-free. They look beautiful and they can be tailor-made to any space too. 

This gives me all the storage I need and more. It is so important to have enough wardrobes in each bedroom to live a clutter-free life having a place for everything and everything in its place will help you stay organised and less messy. 

3. Hoarding 

Hoarding is unhealthy we are all guilty of keeping clothing that we can't fit into. I know I have kept things that just don't fit me. This can be due to weight gain or loss.  It is just not good to keep these things. Unless they are expensive designer items you love or have sentimental value that is, But if it is not then I would say it is time to clean them out. 

Whilst we are on this subject, why do us British people have so much clutter in our kitchens? I have pans and plastic tubs I will never use. There are two of us in this house yet I have full dining sets for about 30 people. Why do I have this? I know I am not alone in this all my friends are the same. 

It is time to do a big cull and get this organised. I mean I am not planning to have the queen and her entourage round for high tea anytime soon so I think it is time to get this organised and downsized. 

4. Money 

Decluttering your unwanted and unloved items can make you money. We now live in a modern world with so many ways to sell unwanted items and make a little bit of money. 

Let's face it money is getting tight for all of us at the moment. With the rising fuel and heating costs, we could all do with a little financial boost. 

So why not sell your unwanted items and make some money whilst decluttering? win win. 

5. Cleaning 

Let's not beat around the bush cleaning under clutter is a nightmare. It takes too much time out of my day. I am forever picking up and putting down things to clean under. Especially in our spare bedroom. I desperately need to order a new fitted wardrobe for this room to help with the storage of my fitness gear. If you are like me looking to order a new fitted wardrobe you can find more here. 

I mean cleaning is therapeutic for me but at the moment I just find it a bit more stressful than I used to when I had a more organised and clutter-free life. I know removing the clutter will half my cleaning time and therefore give me more time to do other more fun things that I enjoy. 

I hope you enjoyed this little decluttering post and it has given you some reasons you need to declutter your home now. 

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