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Reasons you need to see a therapist

Hi everyone, 

How are you?

Relationships are funny things aren't. In this modern world. It is so easy to meet new people and make new connections. But I think it is also too easy to give up on someone. We spend our lives online nowadays and I can't help but think this can add to any problem in a relationship. 
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First things, first. I want to put it out there. I am a huge advocator of online counselling services. There are so many good ones out there. I personally like not only do they offer online counselling services for couples and individuals, but they have a huge resource of blog posts to help you before and after your counselling. Which have a range of topics? From How to get your relationship back on track to When is it time to seek help in a relationship. Go check it out. It really is super handy and is great reading. 

There are lots of reasons you may decide to have counselling in a relationship. 

All relationships are built on trust. When you are in a loveling relationship. You put your faith in the other person to never do you wrong, to never hurt you and to have your best interest at heart. Right? But what if your relationship is lacking in trust. This may not be anything to do with the relationship you are in. In my case, I was very badly treated by my Ex and I found it hard to trust anyone again. This was completely all me. But my new partner had to come to terms with what I had been through. So not only was I affected but so was my new partner. We both had a learning curve to overcome this hurdle. This is where online counselling can be worth its weight in gold. I could be completely irrational about normal situations. With counselling, we both have learned how to overcome these trust issues and we are stronger because of it. 

Not all infidelity is a cut all losses situation. There are many reasons why people may decide to try to overcome a partners infidelity. Yes, it will take alot to rebuild the trust in your partner but sometimes a relationship is worth saving. I think with social media there are so many types of infidelity. Not just the age-old bedding someone else. There are video and photo messaging. Which I personally consider infidelity. Not every situation is cut and dry. Sometimes you have to see if your relationship is worth the fight or not. It is better to try than to always be left wondering what if? Don't get me wrong you have to also know when its time to end things but if you have a slight niggling dought it is better to try counselling and see if your relationship is worth fighting for. 

This comes in so many forms. It may be a recent thing in your relationship or been there from the start. For instance, your partner is climbing the corporate ladder, something you would like to do but have been unable to do. Or maybe your partner grew up with money in the bank and you had a tougher time of it. This really can be a can of worms can't it? But It can cause alot of problems in your relationship. Sometimes it is better to have a mediator in the form of a counsellor to help you get through these situations. It is always better to get help than to keep struggling on with this constantly in the back of your mind right? 

There really are fantastic rescores out there to help you through any relationship problem you may have. So go on get some help. We live one life. right live it to its best mentally and physically.