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change your bedroom without breaking the bank.

It January. The weather outside is grey and wet.  This is the perfect time to look at your bedroom decor and make some changed. I want to share with you my tips and tricks for changing up your bedroom without breaking the bank.

1. Change your curtains. Let's face it you open and close your curtains every day. But how often do you really change them? Making this simple change in your room can be room changing. You can use the curtains to add depth and texture to your room. What about a lovely crushed velvet? What about a vibrant colour. I love a pattern to add an intense statement. Who doesn't like a theme? I am not meaning anything tacky but come on who doesn't love a tartan curtain? I love Yorkshire linen. If you are looking for a wide range of cheap curtains they offer the best quality at low prices. Go check them out. 

2. Change up your Bedspread. There are so many options for duvet covers depending on your current decor. I love to have plenty of different styles. This giving me the opportunity to change up the whole vibe of my room. I love a good seasonal duvet. I don't mean the ones that have snowflakes on them but hey they can be super cute too. I mean I love to add current seasonal colours to my room. I like a nice gold at this time of year. I find it warming and uplifting. I love Kylie Minogue ranges. she really has got the best range of bedding. Available at Yorkshire Linen. I do have a hankering for a nice bright colour palette for summer too. But don't be afraid of mixing up colours and textures at any time of the year.

3. Throws and rugs. These are super cheap and can add depth to any bed or chair in your bedroom. I also think this is the best way to test a colour in your room. It is so easy for you to pick them up and add them to your room. If you don't like them no big deal swap them out to a different room. I adore the big chunky knit throws and shaggy rugs that are all the rage at the moment. They are just so warm and give me a homely vibe.

4. Scatter cushion. I love a good pillow and cushion styling. I think it makes the room look put together and it really adds that extra lux factor. This is such a cheap way to jazz up your bed and make it look like an expensive hotel.  If this is the effect you are looking for remembering to get cushions of different sizes, shapes and colours. This will really draw the attention to your bed in the room. Making it the focal point.

5. Last but not least on my cheap but room changing decor items. Candles. I love candle for adding that little something extra. There is nothing like walking into a room with a nice smell. It makes the room so much more inviting. Your room is not just a visual place. Bring in your other senses too. Smell is a powerful thing. It can change your feeling in an instant. If you need a calming environment. Try some lavender smelling candles. What about something a bit warming like sandalwood? There are so many option and such a fun way to add something extra to your room.
 Plus they look so good on your dresser and shelves.

I hope you enjoyed my top tips on how to change your bedroom without breaking the bank.

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