It's time to think about spring. - MissLJBeauty

It's time to think about spring.

I know the weather outside is a bit wintery but let's talk about thing to do to get ready for spring. In a blick of the eye, We will be in the midst of spring. So it's time to get planning, what we need to do and buy to really get into the spring feeling. 
stunning spring garden with white blossom tree

Spring cleaning
Come on who doesn't actually spring clean? Lots of my friends don't actually do this but I love a good declutter and cleaning session. I make a checklist Mrs Hinch style. I like to get into all the nooks and crannies that don't normally get done. Don't get me wrong, if I could I would hire some help to do this. There are plenty of options for maid services Atlanta (or cleaning services in your area) if you are in the market for some help with cleaning your home.

I do the skirtings boards. I like to wash them down and polish them. The polish keeps the dust from sticking to them.
I like to really go over the windows. Winter is hard on our window up here from the salt water from the sea. Nothing like giving your window a new lease of life.

It is also the time to get that carpet cleaner out and give the carpets the clean of their life. I love freshly cleaned carpets. It just makes your room look so much better. Try 1001 Carpet Care they have a vast variety of carpet cleaning products which are child, pet and wool safe. Note here never buy cream carpet with a dog in the house. One of my biggest regrets in life. 

If you have a chimney or stove. When was the last time you had it swept? It is not only for the cleaning element, but it is also to keep your home safe. They are the professionals and will keep everything in working order and let you know of any problems you might have. 

Your wardrobe
This is also the perfect time to get in and about your wardrobe and short out your clothes. Come on are you going to really wear that old jumper or dress you bought 5+ years ago. Why not pop it on eBay or Depop and make some extra money to buy something new. Whilst you are doing this is a really good time to really clean inside your closet. I mean really clean it. It will keep your clothes so much fresher. I also like to pop in a dehumidifier to get rid of any excess water in there. I like to hang up some air fresheners so your clothes smell extra nice whilst hanging in there. 

Whilst we are on the cleaning and organising kick. it's time to think about your garden. You need to think about your summer garden designs. What do you want? something easy to manage or something more elaborate? I know a lot of us don't have the luxury of a garden but what about nice patio designs? Hiring a gardener is a sure fire way to have the hassle taken out of this. If you are not so green fingered. Gardener are not as expensive as you think and can turn your drape garden into a paradise. There is nothing nicer than seeing your flowers bloom in spring and summer is there. 

For more Cleaning tips and tricks check out Big family organised chaos. who has loads of great post on how to keep organised and clean.