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4 life events that will cause you stress.

Today I want to talk about the taboo. Yes, You heard me there I want to talk about the most stressful times in your life and how to help you get to through them. Firstly. I want you to know it is ok to get stressed out. It is ok to need help and it is not a sign of weakness. There is far too much stigma in life put upon us. Life is not all rainbows and hearts. It has difficult times and everyone goes through them. We all need help at different stages in life. This blog was started from one of those times in my life and I work hard, to be honest about my own mental health issues. It is all right to not be all right.
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3 life events that will cause you stress.

Going into education.
Its the start of a new life right? I am not only talking to you, first time higher education people. I am also talking to people like me, who when back into education. This is a huge step. You are uprooting your life and changing your normal everyday habits. You will meet new people with new expectations and agendas. This will cause you to stress, Everyone feels the same in this situation. If I can give you one piece of advice it would be to relax and take a deep breath whenever you can. I know what you are thinking that it. But It is so easy to get caught up in the moment that you don't give your self a second to adjust. Remember if you need help talk to someone.

Your first fight 
So you are in a new relationship. It was all heart eyes and roses. Next up you are having a full on fight. It could be from anything. From a small thing that is annoying you to a huge blown out fight. First, You need to cool down. Take a time out. Let the dust settle. I like to write down how I am feeling. Making sure you are both calm. Talk things out. Let the other person speak and remember there feeling as just as justified as your own. This not only goes for a romantic relationship this is the same principle for friendships too. Everyone experiences are different and you have to respect that. Something that triggers you may seem small to them and vice versa.

Moving house
The age-old automatic stress of moving house. This causes lots of mixed emotions. From happiness to fear. Add in a timescale to the mix and this is a recipe for disaster. One huge bit of advice is too hire house removals company. Let them do all the hard work of boxing and packing up your house and then unpacking. This will save you so much hassle and stress. It really makes your move a dream situation compared to a nightmare. Home removals packed everything up with care and attention to detail. So there is no risk of your favourite item being broken in transit. This taking the risk and extra pressure off your shoulder and one to a company who specialises in this. Whether you are moving in with someone. Moving your family or moving by your self. This is the only sure-fire way to take the hassle out of moving.

4. Your house. 
You home will be a cause of stress things break, you tastes change. You will constantly have changing issues you need to resolve in your home. For instance, remodelling your home is sometimes inevitable. From wanting to change the layout to updating to a wet room bathroom you will want to change things. 

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