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Is an online couples therapist worth it?

So you are in a relationship that doesn't quite feel right. You are having problems and can not see the way back to the happier days. It is so easy to give up and think this is your lot in life right? Wrong. You and your relationship are worth more. It is 2019 and its time to take back responsibility for what is not working in your relationship. 
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What is happening?
Are you stuck in a rut? Do you have little to no interest in changing your circumstances? First things first are you happy? I mean with the other person? Is this relationship worth the effort to fight for? Is it really what you want?
If the answer is yes, then its time to bite the bullet and get some counselling. We all remember having a disagreement with our friends in school and having the teacher there to help us through it. But as an adult, we are less likely to get professional help and more likely to speak to our friends or family. This may work for you but I think it is important to get someone neutral to mediate and help you resolve any problems. There are hundreds of reasons why counselling works but first and foremost they are trained and qualified to help you. 

Even if the awner is No. It would be worth booking a few councilling sessions with a qualified counsellor to help you thought this difficult time. Yes, it may be your decision to end the relationship but you will both need help at this time. A couples counsellor can help you through the breakup and all that entails. From the division of assets to how to remain civil if there are children or animals involved. They can even help you with care plans and access. But mostly they can help you both come to terms with the separation and what is to come next. Not every break up can be clean. There are many situations where you will have to stay in contact. Having a way to air out with a counsellor makes them more than worth there fee. 

But counselling is expensive and inconvenient?
No, not any more. We live in the age of online counselling and with resources like Who offer affordable online counselling from qualified and experienced councillors.  All from the comfort of your own home. You can have counselling through video chat, email. messenger. You name it, they offer it. I think it is funny the way we prioritise our money. You would quite happily go out for a nice dinner but spend that money on a good counsellor and you have to think about it. It is time our mental health was a priority in life.  Spending money on your mental health should be as common as picking up vitamin in the supermarket. It shouldn't even be something we think about. 

We have to make time for each other in our relationships. They will always require work. We are all only human we all make mistakes, we all go through rough times. But we must take responsibility for our self and our happiness. It is our lives and it is time we lived the best version of it. right? 

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