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Femme Luxe fashion haul.

Hi everyone, 

How are you? 

A happy new year to you and all that. 

I have been away for the festive season. I decided to take a well overdue break. But I am back with an awesome collaboration with femmeluxefinery.co.uk. Oh my goodness, this is my favourite site at the moment. As I write this I am sat in one of the outfits I received. If you don't know Femme Luxe they are a fantastic online fashion store. They stock high end looks at affordable prices. Very up to date with trends and styles. It is safe to say I will defo be making more orders. I am a size 8-10 for your reference for sizing. I will pop in the size of each outfit I have too. 

I'm going to go through each outfit and the cost but first here is a little vid I made to show you the outfits in real life. 

Outfit one. This is the Black With White Stripe Off Shoulder Loungewear Set - Shani Size S/M 8/10 and It's on sale for only £16.99. What a bargain, The metal is cotton like feeling. The set is gorgeous. It is a cropped top and lougne pants.  I love the strip detail on the arms and legs making it look designer. The trousers are somewhere between a legging and a jogger bottom. I love the cuffed detail in the legs it really elongates your leg giving the illusion of length. Which is awesome for short legged girls like me. 

The top is a mid stomack crop which I thinkg is the most flattering if you are going to work a cropped look. It hits you win the smallest point of your waist. This making you look and feel slimmer. 

Now I have to say this is the first time I have embraced with crop trend. If you know My history you will know I lost alot of weight and am not that body confident but Femme Luxe makes you feel super confident and they clothes are cut in the most flattering manner and this two-piece is not different. 

Outfit 2 Rose Front Twist Culotte Ribbed Jumpsuit - Fiona I'm in a size 10 and It's on sale for £18.99

I love the soft pink colour of this jumpsuit. Come on who doesn't love to lounge about in a jumpsuit and this one is the ultimate glam but comfort version. Where to start I love that this jumpsuit is culottes. These really make your legs look longer. I love the enthesis on the twisted waist. This will exaggerate us, curvy girls, curves and help girls wanting to achieve curves. Perfect. I also love this material it's soft and ribbed which really make it look more put together. 

Number 3 Dusky Pink With White Stripe Lounge Wear Set - Lexi I'm in a size 10 and its again on sale for £18.99 My favourite. I am wearing this one right now. I love love love this tracksuit. It looks awesome on and it feels good. It has given me the confidence to wear the crop trend. 
Even with my bit of Christmas weight. Come on girls we all over indulged over the festive and I don't know about your I was worried about trying the cropped tread. I needn't have been worried as this set is cut in the best way. Like the other set, the tope is cut in the middle of your waist making your look and feel thinner. 

I think it really looks great and it effortless Glam. Kylie Jenner eat your heart out. Pop in some trainer and you are ready to go. 

Last but not least Black Knit Long Sleeve Tie Front Wrap Dress - Star Size S/M 8/10 £18.99 Now I am an hourglass shape. As you have seen from the photos. I love love love a wrap dress. It is my go to. This one is gorgeous. The fabric is super soft and it is lovely to wear. I love the fit of this dress. You can dress it up or down. It is fantastic at nipping in your waist and giving a cheeky bit of cleavage.  It is classy and sassy. A wardrobe staple. 

Hope you enjoyed this haul and look out for more to come.