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keep your home warm, saving you money.

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The weather outside is pretty extreme this week. I have seen -6 up here. The whole of the UK is being hit with a cold spell and in January this can lead to a big electricity bill. Let's face it when its cold we all whack up the heating and worry about the cost when the bill comes in right? Let's talk about ways to cut the cost of your heating bill. Keeping more money in your pocket and less money for the electricity and gas companies. 

1. Windows
Are your window letting out all the heat in your rooms? The old badly fitted window can let all the heat out off your home. I knew a friend whose window in one room didn't close properly. This was due to it being stuck in place. She spent a fortune trying to heat her home but it was all in vain.  The only way to remedy this is to buy new windows. I know this is not ideal but for a one-off outlay of money, you will save lots of money in the long run. There are loads of great offer on at the moment so why not replace your old window for new ones. 

2. Heat your home in areas. 
Are you only spending time in two rooms in your home during the day? Why are you heating your whole house? You can install different heating units for different areas of the home. If for instance, you have an upstairs, you can have this on a different time setting to the downstairs and vice vera. Saves you heating empty rooms and costing you money. 

3. Get your boiler service
If your home heating systems are not running to its optimum, then you are losing money on faulty equipment. This is not only to save you money but to keep your home safe. You can ask the engineer how they recommend you run the heating for it to run at its paramount. Keeping on top of your boiler servicing will save you a huge bill if and when your boiler finally does break down. Which it will if it is not serviced regularly. 

4. Turn down the heat. 
Turn down your thermostat at night. This is the most expensive time to run your heating. Why not Invest in thicker bedding and save money that way. Plus at night our body takes over and generates the heat we need to sleep. So having the heating on full is counterproductive. We have all woke up too hot in the night lets face it. 

5. Open the curtains.
Sunlight even in winter can warm up your rooms. Not only that but it is good at lifting your mood in the winter months. It is so common for us to keep the curtains closed thinking that we are keeping the heat in. But in daylight, you are stopping the natural sunlight from entering your rooms. So throw those curtains open and get some free heat in your home.