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Need an energy boost Read this first

Whether it’s sleepless nights with a newborn, trouble with toddlers, your partner snoring away blissfully or stress and anxiety unleashing finally unleashing itself when your head hits the pillow. There a millions of reasons why we might not be getting enough sleep and just as many ways to try and hide how tired we really are – lets face it, the best concealers are true beauty heroes – but before we reach for another energy drink or add an extra spoonful of instant coffee to our mugs, why not have a go and replenishing your energy reserves, naturally.

Unsure of where to begin? Don’t worry, read on for 5 of the simplest ways you can boost your energy naturally.
woman on bench looking at sea view needing energy to get up
I know. I know. It’s probably the last thing you’re thinking about when you’re dead on your feet. But did you know that apart from the obvious health benefits, exercising every day can actually contribute to a better quality of sleep. Which in turn, will leave you with more energy throughout the day. But don’t worry about hitting it hard in the gym, if you’re struggling for time or just don’t have the commitment, a simple brisk walk during your lunch break is a great start. Give it a try.
Use caffeine – but to your advantage
If we’re feeling low on energy, most of us reach for a cup of tea or coffee. And it’s true that in small amounts, caffeine can help sharpen your mind and give you a much-needed boost. But due to its energising effects, you need to use it shrewdly – try not to consume any caffeine after 2pm!
Drink water
An incredibly fluid that gives us energy and literally keeps us alive. It’s not some fancy sports drink promising results – it’s good old water. But why is it that we find something that effectively keeps us alive, so difficult to drink? If your body is short on the water then you’re going to get dehydrated and fatigue will start to kick in. You need to be drinking around 8 glasses a day, but if you struggle to drink one glass, treat yourself to a new water bottle so you can remember to drink. Or set yourself a challenge to drink so much by 10am etc.
Stretch it out
So many of us sit scrunched up at our desks or sit playing with the children all day in uncomfortable positions. So, if you feel like you’re crashing sit and do a little desk stretching. It might be enough to wake you up a little bit! Or, if possible introduce a little yoga to your daily routine. There are plenty of videos on YouTube to get you started.
You know what they say, laughter is good for the soul and it’s also a good energy booster too! It even reduces stress so it’s worth scouring YouTube for 30 minutes and finding some hilarious cat videos to really brighten your day and wake you up a little bit!