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How to Lead a Healthier Lifestyle in 2019

You may be looking to head a healthier lifestyle in 2019 but are clueless about how to make a start. You don’t have to make huge adjustments to your normal routine - just a few small changes could make a real difference to your health. There are a number of fundamental basics you should be incorporating into your lifestyle; whether it be a new diet or exercise plan or in order to boost your overall wellbeing this year.
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If you want to feel good all year-round, here are some healthy lifestyle secrets you don’t want to miss out on, to feel happier and healthier in 2019 and beyond:

Eat well
You’ve probably heard of the phrase ‘you are what you eat’ and believe it or not, this statement does have some truth. In our fast-paced world, snacking on junk food can be the easiest option when you have hundreds of errands to run, but this will only make you feel bloated, tired and less energized.

Instead, eating mindfully will have significant positive impacts on your wellbeing. Studies have shown that eating a ‘primal’ diet made up of fruit, vegetables, meat and fish is not only good for shedding the pounds but will also help you combat long-term illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease.

If your 2019 goal is to lose weight, you should also look into the keto diet which has been proven to burn off fat quickly and effectively. During the diet, your body will produce small fuel molecules named ‘ketones’ which will become the prime fuel source within the body.

These ketones are produced in the liver when you eat fewer carbohydrates and small amounts of protein. Due to this, your body then has the capability to run solely on fat, which burns throughout the day and enables you to lose the excess weight.

The keto diet includes foods such as meat, fish, vegetables and cheese, but avoids foods such as pasta, potatoes and bread. You may decide to try out a keto diet meal plan for fourteen days to see how you manage before making the long-term adjustment.

Stay hydrated
Did you know that water makes up two-thirds of your body and is extremely important for your organs to work at their full capacity? Not only that, but water is fundamental for helping regulate the temperature in the body, cleanses harmful substances and carries essential nutrients.

It is recommended that adults should be drinking at least 1.5 liters per day and even more so on particularly hot days or engaging in physical activity.

Staying hydrated is also important if you are a student at college or are studying to take exams. Drinking plenty of water has the capability of boosting your mental alertness, while fitness enthusiasts also need a constant water supply to keep their energy levels up during workouts.

Get plenty of sunlight
In the winter time, you may feel a little deflated and more inclined to catch illnesses. In most cases, this is because your body is deficient in vitamin D from sunlight which improves our mood and immune system for combatting diseases.

In the colder months where sunlight is limited, be sure to expose yourself to external light whenever you get the chance. Another option would be to invest in an artificial sunlight-stimulating lamp which can produce vitamin D and improve on the mentioned concerns.

Get enough sleep
Not getting enough sleep can have an immense impact on both your physical and mental state. It is recommended that you should be getting at least eight hours per night in order to function at your best. Although it is not always possible to get the recommended amount of sleep, you should aim to take naps whenever you can to allow your body to recuperate from the day’s stresses. According to studies, getting a good night’s sleep should boost your chances of immunity to diseases such as heart attacks, obesity and even diabetes. Having an early night should start up a natural sleep cycle so that you don’t toss and turn and wake up at regular intervals.

Loss of sleep can increase appetite, meaning that you will be more inclined to reach for carbs, an opponent of the keto diet. It is essential to seek advice from your doctor or consult with an online service such as Simple Online Doctor, who can assist you with remedying your sleep issues and identify any problems you might not be aware of resulting in a loss of sleep.

Be sure to exercise
Although you may not have time for an exercise workout, you should try and fit in a daily or weekly plan to keep yourself fit and active. Regardless of your weight or health conditions, everyone should be incorporating physical activity into their lives.

Exercising allows you to burn off those excess calories, increases muscle mass, improves your mood and also boosts attention span.

If you are worried about undertaking physical activity, you could start off with gentle exercises, such as taking a short stroll in your lunch break or taking the stairs instead of the elevator. For a more intensive workout routine, you may opt to join the gym or set up a gym in your own home. It goes without saying that either of these options can be costly and you may not have the funds to make these investments.

This is where you may decide to take out a loan to fund your active lifestyle. Gym memberships charge you a fee each month; some of which can be extremely expensive depending on the equipment and added benefits you need. Likewise, purchasing gym equipment for your home will set you back thousands of dollars per piece. If you just don’t have the funds right now, a small personal loan may be the answer you need. A payday loan with no credit check means you can get back on track with your money management to afford your much-needed exercise plan. To find out more, read here.

Focus on your own happiness
Put your happiness above all else and concentrate on what it is that puts a spring in your step. Make time for things you enjoy; whether that be swimming, meditation or even catching up with friends. Giving yourself a breather from work and tight schedules will boost your mood and may give you the added motivation to stick to strict dieting plans and exercise regimes.

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