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Five Things You'll Need When Traveling to Japan

Are you like me and Japanese dreaming? Travelling to Japan has been on my list for many years. There are so many reasons I want to travel to Japan from exploring the culture to savouring the exquisite cuisine Japan has so much to offer a traveller. There are so many unquiet experiences you can only have in Japan. My husband traveled to Japan in his childhood and I have been regaled with so many exciting and interesting stories of his travels that Japan has been pushed to the top of my travel bucket list. 

But before we head out to Japan I want to talk about prepping for the journey. Being prepared before travelling to a place like Japan is key to a flawless and less stressful travel experience. I want to immerse myself in Japan and not worry about things when I am there. So before You book a Japan Tour Packages let's talk about five Important things you need to have for travelling to Japan

night time in tokyo with building all illuminated with bright colours

1. Mobile SIM Card for Seamless Connectivity

We live in a modern world where we all rely on our phones. Not only if you are like me and work from your phone but for taking photos, updating your social media talking to friends, etc.  You will want to do this when you get off the plane right you are in Japan! Plus we use our phones for everything nowadays from hotel reservations to navigation and currency conversion. Phones are our lifelines after all. 

Staying connected is so important and this can be a tricky thing if you don't know what to do. International travel comes with certain hurdles but having a working phone shouldn't be one. Don't worry I have you sorted. Buying a local Japanese SIM card is the way to go here. Do not use your existing contract when travelling in Japan this will cost you so much more than buying a local one. Buying your Japan SIM Cards before you travel will save you so much extra stress and you will be ready to go when you walk off the plane and feel smug walking past all the people queuing to buy one at the airport. This is one of the most vital pieces of kit you can have when you travel. 

I recommend buying from Mobal. They are the best, most cost-effective and reliable mobile SIM card company. No one wants to be stung by international roaming charges right? You just need to pick what type of data plan is right for you. They have Sim cards available for short or long trips in Japan and can come with a range of data options too. But not only that they offer English-speaking customer services if you do need any support using your sim. Mobal have no contracts and all profits go to charity. Yes, I said that! All profits made go to charity so by choosing Mobal when you are in Japan you are helping a good cause. Win-win. 

You can order your Sim card to be shipped to your address or you can pick it up at the airport. It really is so simple to stay connected in Japan without facing massive roaming bills when you get home. 

2. Japan Rail Pass for Efficient Travel

Japan is home to some of the world's biggest cities. Tokyo for example takes that title.  If you plan on exploring various cities within Japan, the Japan Rail Pass is invaluable. This will be an investment you will want to make.  This pass allows for unlimited travel on Japan Railways trains known as JR trains including the famous Shinkansen more commonly known as bullet trains. 

By buying a Japan Rail pass you are making the most cost-effective choice. This will give you the flexibility to travel depending on the pass you buy. These come in 7, 14 or 21-day passes. These are for consecutive days. Take that into consideration when you are planning your trip. You can buy a 7-day pass and use it for a 14-day trip as they are consecutive days. 

Having your train pass sorted will give you the convenience of not having to worry about your travel and you will be able to explore more cities and many major tourist attractions. Plus you have unlimited travel on your pass so you can maximise your days by packing in as much as possible into your time in Japan. 

This pass is only available to tourists in Japan so you need to buy it before you travel. as you can not purchase this in Japan 

3. Cash and Credit Cards for Payment

We all know Japan as the technology capital of the world, right? You would expect credit cards to be key here but this is not always the case in Japan. Cash is still widely accepted, especially in less populated places. Just like here in the UK.  

You need to make sure that your cards allow you to withdraw cash internationally without charges. Most ATMs in Japan accept international cards but not all do. So you will need to check. 

Make sure to have some cash with you. As I explained in rural areas this is more commonly used. Japan is a very safe country but you always need to be vigilant when carrying cash. 

We all know when travelling currency exchange rates can vary. I would recommend changing some cash here in the UK before you're trip instead of being stung by a big charge at the airport. Smaller notes are always a good idea when you travel especially for tips. 

4. Japan's Rail and Subway Apps

Navigating any new country can be hard to wrap your head around. Just look at London with its complicated underground system. So trying to navigate in Japan will have the added stress of not speaking the language. Luckily you will have enough data to use this as much as you want with one of your Japan eSIMs. See I told you you would need your phone. 

We have talked about buying a rail pass now we need to talk about two good apps for navigating the rain and subways of Japan. I have been told that Hyperdia and Japan Transit Planner are the two best apps to download to help you navigate her. 

Japan Transit Planner is a real-time information app which gives up-to-date information about trains and public transport. 

HyperDia is the app to go to for detailed information on train routes, fares and train schedules. 

By having this pre-loaded on your phone and having a play about with them before you actually arrive in Japan will save you time and help you travel smoothly around. 

5. Japanese Phrasebook and Translation Apps

Japan is a multi-cultural place and English signs are in place in some cities and towns. This of course is not common yet. So having a translation app is paramount. 

Download Google Translate. I have this one on my phone and I couldn't live without it. Even for basic things like finding the toilet or translating menus in restaurants. This has been a life savour and is super simple to use. 

You can pick up a Japanese phrasebook too. I know my husband loves a travel guide and a phrase book and he will always pick one up before we travel. 

I hope you have found these tips helpful. I tried to find the less common tips to really help you when you are travelling in Japan. You are going to have an amazing trip to one of the most beautiful countries in the world full of culture, heritage and stunning landscapes. Your trip will be unforgettable. 

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