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The best advent calenders of 2023

I love advent calendars there I said it. I have always loved them. I remember before they were as big as they are now. Does anyone else remember the little paper door ones? They are such a fun way to count down to Christmas. There are so many different types available from beauty to chocolate to toys. There is an advent calendar for everyone. 

Here are my top picks for advent calendars this year. 

lindt pick and mix calender
First up we have my husband all time favourite calendar. Lindt, They offer a good range of calendars. 
This is the Lindt Lindor Pick & Mix Advent Calendar £15. This is a super fun way to create your own calendar this year. You go on to Lindt. Choose the calendar and then you have the choice of all the lindt truffles to add to your calender. Want a full Lindt LINDOR Pistachio Milk Chocolate Truffle calendar you can do this. Want one of every truffle you can do this. Want a 50/50 split of 
Lindt LINDOR Coconut Milk Chocolate Truffle and Caramel Milk Chocolate Truffle you can do this and this is the option I would choose if anyone is asking. These are my all-time faves. 
Elevate your Christmas celebrations with the joy of personalisation as you curate your own selection of our heavenly Lindor truffles, with over 25 irresistible flavours at your fingertips. 
Way to up the game Lindt! 

I love Swizzels they are hands down responsible for one of my great addictions drumsticks and this in turn led to my obsession with squashies. So when I saw they had an advent calendar I knew this had to happen. I am obsessed with the Sweet Shop Advent Calendar it is packed full of  Love Hearts, Drumstick chews refreshers and so many more of Swizzel's classic and super tasty sweets. It is so hard not to break into this one. It just just sat here looking at me. 

One for the vegans this is the best vegan/ free from calendar out there. NOMO advent calendar. This is the best vegan chocolate I have tried. This has 24 creamy vegan chocolates. So many people are either vegan or free from NOMO have come into the game and made sure no one is missing out this Christmas and put together a fantastic option, 

Countdown to Christmas with our plant-based and free-from-advent calendar. Filled with 24 creamy vegan chocolates, it really will feel like Christmas every day.

Next up we have a very special advent calendar this is Star Wars Musical Advent Calendar from Danilo. I have a Star Wars mad nephew and as soon as I saw this I knew I had to get it for him. This is a two-fold gift it is just so cool and I know the whole family will be humming Star Wars all Christmas. I try to get a non-chocolate calendar for him every year as I know he gets a lot of these and I know I will win with this one. 
Star Wars Musical Advent Calendar. A new addition for this year, this innovative musical advent calendar features a Hoth Ice Planet backdrop as well as characters such as Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Han Solo and Lando Calrissian, to gradually build a fantastic Star Wars scene over December, with stickers and trivia also found behind each door. There are three magnetic characters of C3P0, R2-D2 and Yoda which move around the base of the calendar when the button is pressed plus the Star Wars theme tune is also played.

Another one I love in the non-sweet calendar is the Disney game and puzzle Advent Calendar. I love Disney and I always will so anything Disney I will buy. Come on Christmas and Disney go hand and hand right? This is such a fun idea that you can create your own game to play on Christmas Day. I love a broad games and I think it is so important to play games with children that don't involve a computer. 

Count down to Christmas with this Disney Advent Calendar. It isn't just an advent calendar it is also a puzzle board game too.

  • •Suitable for ages 4 +
  • •2-4 players required
  • •16 Disney 3D characters to collect

I hope you have enjoyed my top picks for advent calendars this year. 

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