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The different storage options in divan bases

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One of our favourite tricks for making the most of a small bedroom is a divan bed with drawers. These genius bases come with storage drawers built right in - perfect for stashing away extra pillowcases, PJs, and anything else you need close by. No more rummaging under the bed or cramming that overflowing dresser!

Divans beds give you a few options for configuring the storage, too, which we'll run through below to help you choose the best one.

Two drawers on one side

The most basic storage divan option is two drawers on one side of the base – ideal for propping your bed against a wall. This configuration allows you to utilise storage while keeping the other side of the bed accessible. The two drawers are typically quite deep, enabling you to fit bulkier items like sweaters and jeans.

Benefits of two drawers on one side:

  • Keeps one side of the bed free of drawers.

  • Provides adequate storage space.

  • Deeper drawers accommodate bulkier items.

If one side of your bedroom has bulky furniture or your bed is against a wall, then two drawers on one side make sense.

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Pictured: Giltedge Beds Four Way Split 4FT Small Double Divan Base. (Price £288 from Bedstar)

Two drawers, one on either side

Some divan bases contain two drawers positioned one on either side of the bed, giving you a drawer conveniently accessible from each side. The two-drawer configuration is symmetrical and keeps both sides of the bed open.

Benefits of two drawers, one on either side:

  • Provides storage easily accessible from both sides.

  • Keeps the foot of the bed clear.

  • Symmetrical look with a drawer on each side.

  • Allows open access to both sides of the mattress.

  • Each drawer can be used separately for different storage needs.

The two-drawer divan is a great option if you want accessible storage on both sides of the bed to organise and store items for easy access separately.

Four drawers, with two on either side

The most storage-friendly divan is the four-drawer model with two drawers on either side of the base, giving you storage symmetry and abundant space to tuck away your belongings.

Benefits of four drawers:

  • Provides abundant, symmetrical storage on both sides.

  • Multiple drawer sizes accommodate different storage needs.

  • Convenient access to storage from either side of the bed.

  • It keeps both sides of the bed accessible for getting in and out.

The best part about having two drawers on each side is easy access to your stuff from either side of the bed. No more crawling around or reaching across the mattress to get to that pair of socks in the back of the drawer!

End drawers

Rather than side drawers, some divans have one or two shorter drawers installed at the foot of the bed. The end drawers are well-suited for shoes, accessories, or smaller clothing items and ensure no clearance issues around the sides of the bed.

Benefits of end drawers:

  • Keeps sides of bed completely clear.

  • The end location stays out of the way.

  • Provides storage specifically for smaller items like footwear.

  • The most common configuration is one large end drawer with a deep base, although some models have two end drawers.

How to choose the best storage option

Before picking a divan bed, grab a tape measure and check out the space around where your bed will go. You'll want to measure the entire perimeter to make sure there's enough room for you to open those handy drawers fully once the divan is in place. 

Also, consider how you'll position the bed in your bedroom layout. If tucking it into a corner or up against a wall, divans with drawers on one side or the end will likely work best. But if both sides of your bed will be out in the open, drawers on both sides make sense. 

Think about what you'll need to stash away, too—got a ton of bulky comforters and sheet sets? Look for divans with a large, deep central drawer to swallow up all that bedding. Need shoe storage? Look for wide, shallow drawers.

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