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5 Must Have Products to Keep Your Skin Glowing This Summer

As summer approaches, I find myself eager to update my beauty routine with products that will help me achieve that coveted sun-kissed glow that's all the trend right now while keeping my skin hydrated and protected. We all know I will do the research to work out which product We need to add to our routines before summer is upon us. It can be hard to keep up with all the latest trends when it comes to skincare and to be honest, it can be overwhelming. We all just need a simplified list of what we should think about adding and for what reason so today I have done that for us. 

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1. Hyaluronic Acid Cream
First on my list is a hydrating hyaluronic acid cream. This powerhouse ingredient is a staple in my skincare routine, especially during the warmer months when my skin tends to be more prone to dehydration. Too many hours outside can leave the skin looking and feeling dehydrated. Hyaluronic acid works wonders for plumping and moisturizing the skin, leaving it soft, supple, and youthful-looking.

I love applying a hyaluronic acid cream in the morning before my SPF to lock in moisture and create a smooth base for makeup. This will instantly hydrate and plump my skin and make it feel less tight. Plus it is always good to have an extra layer of moisture between your skin and makeup.

2. Glycolic Acid Serum
Next up is a glycolic acid serum, another essential in my summer skincare arsenal. Glycolic acid is a gentle exfoliant that helps to unclog pores, remove old skin cells and promote new cell growth which will result in brighter, smoother, and more even-toned skin. I know summer can be hard on our skin we tend to have more events to wear more makeup up to which can clog pores. So adding in some gentle exfoliation is always a really good idea. 

I like to use a glycolic acid serum a few times a week in the evening after cleansing to help refine my skin's texture and minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It's the perfect solution for achieving that radiant summer glow we all want. 

3. Witch Hazel 
No summer skincare routine would be complete without witch hazel. Witch hazel is known for its anti-inflammatory and astringent properties, making it an excellent ingredient for toning and tightening pores and let's face it we all want that. It leaves skin feeling clean and refreshed. Witch hazel has been used for centuries for its amazing healing properties too. It never goes out of fashion because it is just that good. 

I love using a tonic with witch hazel after cleansing to remove any remaining traces of dirt and impurities while soothing and refreshing my skin. It's particularly beneficial on hot summer days when my skin could use a quick pick-me-up. I also like to dab it on any spots I might have to help clear them faster. 

4. SPF Moisturizer
Of course, no summer beauty routine would be complete without sun protection, and that's where an SPF moisturizer comes in. Protecting my skin from harmful UV rays is a top priority, especially during the summer months when sun exposure is at its peak. We all know I spend a lot of time outside in the summer on my bike so skin protection is a big deal to me. 

I always make sure to apply a generous amount of SPF moisturizer to my face, neck and hands every morning as the final step in my skincare routine. Not only does it shield my skin from sun damage, but it also helps to prevent premature ageing and sunburn. SPF is a must at all times but in summer this is not a step to miss out on. SPF should be like putting your seat belt on in the car just automatically done no thought required. 

5. Tinted Lip Balm 
Last but not least, I never leave the house without a tinted lip balm with SPF in my bag during the summer. The combination of sun, wind, and saltwater can wreak havoc on my lips, leaving them dry, chapped, cracked red and sore. No one needs that right?

A tinted lip balm not only provides much-needed hydration and protection but also adds a subtle pop of colour to my lips for a fresh and effortless look. It's the perfect finishing touch to my summer beauty routine.

These five must-have beauty products are my new essentials for keeping my skin hydrated, protected, and glowing throughout the summer months. From hydrating creams to exfoliating serums and refreshing tonics, each product plays a vital role in maintaining my skin's health and vitality. It is always good to adapt your skincare routines for the season and summer is an important season for us all. Let's get out of the house more and enjoy the warmer weather and not worry about our skin because we have that covered. 

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