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How to to get the old money look without breaking the bank

The fashion trend of the moment is old money. Gone are the mod wife aesthetics and 
we are being allured to the timelessness associated with the old-money style. From impeccably tailored suits to classic accessories, this exudes sophistication and refinement I personally love the old-money preppy look and you do not need a Coutts card to achieve this aesthetic yourself. Today I am going to share my new purchases with you that I am adding to my capsule wardrobe to help me obtain the old-money aesthetic of my dreams. So let's talk about how to achieve this style. 

blonde women wearing trailered pink shirt

Invest in Timeless Pieces
The key to achieving the old-money look on a budget lies in investing in timeless garments and good-quality pieces. You need to opt for classic styles and patterns. Like a well-fitted blazer, tailored trousers, and a crisp white shirt are the backbone of the old-money style. But don't be afraid to add in colour like I have with this Pink Maya shirt from Lighthouse. Colour can be embraced if done right. Look for clothing made from high-quality fabrics like wool, cotton, and silk, as they not only elevate the overall look but also ensure longevity, remember old money is all about investing in classics and wearing them time and time again. How many times do you see future queen Kate Middleton in the same outfit? 

blonde women wearing white striped top
Focus on Fit 
One thing that old money understands is the need to invest in alterations to tailor your clothing to your body shape, ensuring a polished and sophisticated silhouette.  No matter the price of an item you can make it look luxurious by taking it to the tailor and having it fitted perfectly to your body. A well-fitted blazer or dress shirt instantly elevates your look, giving off an air of effortless elegance that oozes old-money fashion. By choosing items that are more flattering for your body type is the key to this style. Take this Ariana Top from Lighthouse the strips and V-neck suit my hourglass shape taking the focus to my smaller waist. You can achieve the old-money look even with a classic T-shirt like this one. It really is simple. 

blonde women wearing pink shirt with padded gilet

Embrace layering 
We have all seen the power of layering and this goes hand and hand with this style niche. Layering with a gilet epitomizes old money sophistication, merging practicality with timeless style. Whether draped over a cashmere sweater for a country stroll or tucked under a tailored shirt for an outing, the gilet effortlessly complements the refined tastes of old-money fashion. Nothing gives you that country-manor house look more than a padded gilet layered right like the Laurel Gilet I am wearing above. Its sleeveless silhouette is essential for spring. Perfect for leisurely pursuits or sophisticated gatherings, by marrying comfort with style you are on to a winner.  

blonde women wearing rugby style old money jumper

Confidence is Key
Ultimately, the most important element of mastering the old money look is confidence. Regardless of what you are wearing having confidence and poise will instantly elevate your style.  No matter what you are wearing you need to exclude the idea of wealth. Take this Haven Jersey by Lighthouse this would not be out of place on a member of the Royal family on their day off. I could imagine Zara Phillips wearing this walking around Balmoral and this is exactly the look you want to exclude. Effortless style is timeless classic and easy to achieve with the old money trend. It's all about how you feel in your clothing and how you carry yourself. The old money trend is easy to achieve with a little bit of thought and planning. 

Old Money style is all about finding classic pieces that you can wear time and time again. It is not about buying the most expensive or on-trend items. It's about a capsule wardrobe that will stand the test of time. 


  1. Love your choices! Especially the Ariana top. I’m a sucker for a stripe top (I own wayy too many haha). I think the preppy look style really suits you x

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this. Practical and useful tips. Thank you for putting this together!

  3. Lovely styles :) And I love a good preppy style look :)