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How to fix broken hair the easy way

Managing broken hair can be a daunting task believe me I know but don't worry I have some tips to help you on your hair journey! I have bleached blonde hair and I have, like us all had many a hair disaster along the way, From over-processing to breakage to bad cuts. I have been a victim of bad hair. But I have turned my hair around and I want to share all the tips I have learned along the way. We all want to live our Instagram hair goal dreams right. 
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Identifying the Culprit
Begin by identifying the root cause of your hair breakage. Yes, I meant that Pun.  Whether it's excessive heat styling, chemical treatments, or improper care, understanding the cause is crucial for an effective solution. You need to take a hair look at your hair and figure out what is the damage is it the actual hair or scalp? 

Nourishing Hair Treatments
If it is your hair that is the issue treat your locks to nourishing treatments enriched with natural ingredients like argan oil and shea butter. Consider incorporating a weekly deep conditioning treatment or hair mask to restore moisture and strength to damaged hair. I have found a bond repairing treatment before I have my hair re-coloured a good idea. 

If it is your scalp that is the issue you need to address the underlying cause. You can try scalp scrubs and shampoo to really treat the problem at the source. 

You might benefit from a detox shampoo. Overusing styling products, not washing out your shampoo or just daily grim can cause build up on your hair causing itchy scalp and dandruff.  A good detox shampoo will help to remove this and give you relief from the itching. 

Gentle Hair Care Routine
You need to adopt a gentle hair care routine and try sulfate-free products designed for damaged hair. Why not try limiting washing this will help to avoid stripping essential oils from the hair. You need to detangle wet hair with care using a wide-tooth comb wet brush or your fingers. Wet hair is very fragile and needs to be taken care of very gently. 

Trimming and Maintenance
Regular trims are essential for maintaining healthy hair and preventing split ends. Additionally, invest in quality hair tools like a good hair dryer with adjustable heat settings to minimize heat damage during styling. I personally like mdlondon BLOW hairdryer. It has been extensively tested by hairdressers and they love it. It really has next-generation technology to help keep your hair in tip top condition. Whilst being super lightweight and dries my hair so quickly. If there is one area to switch it up in your routine it's with a good hairdryer. 

Invest in good products
By investing in good hair care products you are investing in your hair repair journey. Look for products enriched with nourishing ingredients like argan oil, shea butter, and keratin to provide your hair with the moisture and nutrients it needs to thrive. It is worth speaking to your hairdresser to really find out your hair type and what will work for you and your hair. Sometimes it's not about buying an expensive shampoo and conditioner it's about buying the product that suits your hair. I have found a shampoo that works for me and I have stuck with it for years and my hair has never been in better condition. 

Whilst we are talking about investing this includes investing in a good hairdresser. You need to find someone you feel confident in and you know you will leave the salon with exactly what you want and who will be honest with you about your hair and your expectations. Trust between you is imperative. 

Protective Hairstyles
Embrace protective hairstyles to shield your hair from environmental damage and further damage. Experiment with braids, buns, and twists to keep your hair protected while adding style. But never have these styles too tight as they can actually cause more damage.  The slick back hair look might be in but it needs to be done with nourishing oil not overly chemical hair sprays. We all remember when teasing your hair was the latest trend and look at the damage that did to your hair. 

Don't follow the trends
Some hair trends are good for the hair some are not. As we just discussed. Unless you are a hair model then I would really consider the styling you do to your hair. If you over colour or process your hair this will cause damage to your already damaged hair. In this case less is more. It is all about getting your hair back to a more manageable place so step away from that extra colour and embrace what your hairdressers tell you. 

Repairing broken hair requires nourishing treatments, gentle care, and protective measures. By following these tips. You can effectively restore and revive your locks for a healthy more radiant mane. Heres to happy, healthy hair of our dreams. 

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