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Wednesday, 26 July 2017

An Alternative Route To Fitness This Summer

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As the sun comes out, we all want to look our best. Regular visits to the gym are great but can sometimes leave us feeling bored and unfulfilled.

We avidly read all about the bbg workout that everybody is talking about but yearn for new challenges and some different, more exciting ways to get into shape.

And it seems we are in luck as many of our gyms and fitness studios introduce some more unusual workout options for 2017.

Water Workouts

Water workouts seem to be have taken over our gyms this season giving a whole new meaning to staying hydrated. Virgin gyms have launched their Hydro workout, a circuit class based in the swimming pool while AquaAllure, a water-based spin class is available in Docklands, London. And if the notoriously grueling Insanity wasn’t enough for you then why not try SwimSanity instead. Available in several locations in the capital, this latest take on the world-famous Insanity workout steps it up a gear with the drag of the water adding extra resistance to hard cardio exercise.

Based in LA, Studio Lagree is bringing its latest fitness offering, the Megaformer, across the water to the UK this summer, with more studios due to open here later in the year.  This complicated new-gen former Pilates bed facilitates new tough ways of exercising including the wheelbarrow, and the particularly effective exercise for obliques aptly named the French twist. The latter involves pulling cables to focus on oblique muscles, you will ache the next day, but your glutes will thank you. This brand new machine has already taken the fitness world by storm and is set to become a firm favourite with body conscious celebs.

Virtual Boxing

Now you don’t even need to get into the ring to box yourself fit following the launch of Boxx. The Boxx Method is being hailed as the world’s first virtual boxing experience. Simply subscribe and enjoy a series of 30-minute videos comprising a combination of shadow boxing, high-intensity intervals and knockouts in the comfort of your own home. With each class reputed to burn up to 600 calories, increase strength and coordination this one is a definite winner.

Floating Yoga

Originating again in LA, floating yoga takes this popular discipline to another level, quite literally. Floating yoga involves all of your core regular moves and stretches while balanced on a slanting board elevated above the gym floor. If you have a good head for heights, this could be for you, but if you prefer your sealegs, Sup Yoga London offers a floating class on the waters of London’s Paddington Basin.


Finally, comes the latest craze of using sandboxes as part of your regime. If surfing is your thing try LA fad Sandbox Fitness, which involves doing squats and lunges on a surfboard, in turn, balanced on a sand box.

Alternatively, of course, you could keep it simple and use your surfboard as a platform for any exercise discipline you like. Take it down to the beach and enjoy getting fit in the fresh air.


Friday, 21 July 2017

S.A.D in summer

Hi, everyone. 

How are you all? 

To day I want to talk about Seasonal affective disorder. I know what you are thinking it's summer this is not relevant, Have you lost your mind?

No, I have not. I used to suffer from this in the summer time as well as winter. I worked night shift and could go days with out seeing the sun as I slept through the day time hours. 

What is S.A.D? It is a depression illness which has the following symptoms 

Symptoms of SAD can include:
  • a persistent low mood
  • craving carbs and gaining weight
  • feeling lethargic (lacking in energy) and sleepy during the day
  • a loss of pleasure or interest in normal everyday activities
  • irritability
  • feelings of despair, guilt and worthlessness
  • sleeping for longer than normal and finding it hard to get up in the morning
I really struggled. All over social media was people enjoying summer and I was in a constant state of winter and dark. I am not the only person in the UK who suffers from S.A.D in the summer. 

I want to share with you how I combated this. 
First and foremost I craved light and daylight in particular. 
I got myself a needlite. This is an amazing desk light for your computer. This is like you are in the daylight at your desk at night. 

I found this light helped my productivity and increased my mood. This is a must if like me you work at a desk. I love that you can activate it with an app. It has a function where if your phone leaves the room it turns the light off. Perfect for saving energy. 
I love that you can turn the light up and down with is great if like me you work shift so as you are ending your shift and the natural day light is very high you can turn it down and still have the same effect. I love the simple design. My friend has one in her bedroom as bedside lamps. 

I contacted my GP. I was worried I wouldn't be taken seriously as it seemed crazy to me to have this in summer. I was fully supported and received Help and guidance. Never be afraid to ask for help. None is perfect and I am to the outside world a very bubbly and happy person but no one really knows my turmoil. I was prescribed anti depressants. 

I found getting my routine right also helped. Eating and drinking had to be more routine and not if and when I felt the need to eat as I was doing. Your body is a machine it needs fuel to run. 

My days off I tried to get as much natural daylight and vitamin d as I could spending time outside really helped and I changed my night time routine to go to bed later to try and minimise the damage to my routine. 

I am not embarrassed to ask for help and I think this is the main point of this post. If you are struggling with any kind of mental health. Please ask for help. You are not alone. 


Thursday, 20 July 2017

Finding The Beauty In Strength

Hi everyone

More and more women each year are taking up exercises which focus on increasing their strength. It’s always been a bit of a man’s game, but now the ladies are storming in to prove that we can do it too. Whether it’s for aesthetics, weight loss, muscle gain or just as a justification that you can do it all together, strength exercises are definitely not for the weak-minded. It’s not so much the physical strength that you need in the beginning - that can be built up over time - but moreso the mindset that you need to adopt to keep on going.

What Are The Benefits?

There’s more to just looking good when it comes to exercising, especially where weight training is concerned. Think about everything that you do in your day to day life; from steering your car, to taking out the trash, to even opening a door for somebody. These all require a certain amount of physical strength to do, although you may not even realise that you’re doing it. However, over time, you may start to feel a pressure doing what you have been doing for years. Your body will start to resist as it hasn’t had the right amount of buildup to keep it going over time. You’ll find that the more you train, the more you’’ be able to do in terms of stamina and endurance. Even just pushing a shopping cart around and getting out of breath as it gets heavier will become a whole lot easier for you.

What Should I Start With?

If you’re a member of a gym, it’s best to ask a personal trainer or qualified gym assistant to help you decide on what to start out with. It’s best not to go in big and bold; start small and work your way up as you go along. There are detailed plans for you to follow online which mix and match the weights you’re using, the reps you’re doing and the amount of sets that you strike out to achieve. What you start out with also depends on where on your body you want to target, with rack pulls and deadlifts focusing on your back muscles but bench presses concentrating more on working out your arms. You will know where you need to touch up on, so it’s up to you to move forward with it.

How Do I Look?

Weight training is great for body weight loss and toning up. You don’t have to bulk out in order to do it, and it can be a great confidence booster even after just a couple of sessions. The main thing to remember is to stick at it for as long as you can so that the effects become more hard-wearing and longer lasting. Not only will you be in great physical shape, but such exercises can also have a positive effect on your mental health - it has even been cited that resistance training is one of the best things to help you stay in great shape mentally.

How To Be A Style Chameleon Without Breaking The Bank

Hi everyone

Every now and again, it’s good to embrace change. If you’re bored of your wardrobe, you wish you could be bolder in your fashion choices, or you’ve had the same hairstyle for as long as you can remember, why not switch things up this summer? You may think that refreshing your look and reinventing your style will come at a cost, but you don’t have to spend a fortune to be a little more adventurous. Here are some tips to help you be a style chameleon on a budget.

Updating your wardrobe
Being a follower of fashion doesn’t come cheap. Every few weeks, there’s a new set of trends on display and magazines seem to showcase a never-ending series of must-have items. If you love fashion, it’s only natural to want to be trendy, but how can you make sure your wardrobe is bang on without spending your entire salary on retail therapy? The first thing to do is embrace online shopping. It’s so convenient and easy, and often, you can get really good deals on clothes, jewellery, and accessories. If you have favourite stores, make sure you join their mailing lists, so that you can get special offers and discounts sent straight to your inbox. The Internet is also home to a vast array of retailers and sites, and this means that there’s a much wider range of choice. If you find most of the stores on the high street too pricey, look for cheaper options on the web.

You don’t necessarily have to buy new items of clothing to refresh your wardrobe. Using accessories is a fantastic way of mixing up outfits, creating unique ensembles and enabling you to recycle your favourite pieces without repeating the same look. Check out sites like The Iconic for cool jewels, and have a look around for statement bags, shoes, and scarves. If you’ve got basic tees, you can create a range of different outfits using necklaces, scarves, and brooches, for example. You can also use accessories to make pieces suitable for different occasions. Take a plain black dress as an example. You can dress it up with delicate diamond earrings, a patent clutch, and some stilettos or go casual with flat sandals, mismatched bangles, and a cross-body leather satchel. Customising your clothing is another way of adding interest to items you’ve worn to death. Badges and pins are great additions to vintage denim shorts and jackets and plain white tees.

Revamping your hairstyle
If you haven’t been brave at the salon for a while, consider taking the plunge and doing something different. You don’t have to go from flowing locks to a buzz cut, but think about adding highlights, going for more shape around the face, changing your parting or altering the length slightly. Arrange an appointment, chat about some different looks with your stylist and browse some magazines. Think about your skin tone and complexion when experimenting with colour and your face shape when modifying the cut. Your stylist should be able to make recommendations based on what they think will suit you best.

Experimenting with makeup
Do you use the same two or three products every time you do your makeup? We all have cult favourites, but it can be really fun to try new looks and experiment with different products. If you prefer a very natural look, you don’t suddenly have to start walking around with heavy eyeliner, bright red lips and blue eyeshadow on. Try strobing or go for a very subtle contour. Switch mocha and taupe eyeshadow for bronze or gold. Go for a light peach blush instead of pink. Making simple changes can give you options, and you can use different looks for different occasions. If you’re not a natural and it takes you ages to get to grips with techniques, use video tutorials online, and read the beauty sections of glossy magazines. Choose products that complement your skin tone and enhance your features. Be particularly careful when buying foundation. It’s so important to get the right shade, so ask for advice and make sure you test the product in natural light. If you want to try bolder looks like bright lips or feline flicks, have a test run at home first. If it doesn’t work, you can simply wash it off, and nobody has to know.

Are you in a style rut or are you bored of your hair? If you’re keen to refresh your look, you don’t have to spend a fortune. Shop around for bargains, have a look at online sites, sign up for discounts and play around with accessories. Chat to your stylist about trying new tones and cuts and be more experimental with your makeup.


Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Hair care tips and tricks - How to save your damaged hair

Hi everyone,

How are we all?

I have been thinking a lot about my hair lately. I have long thin hair. The weird thing about my hair is there is a lot of it and I have a very small head. I found this out when I was buying biking helmets. My hair condition has come on leaps and bound in the last few years. My hair was falling out in clumps and breaking to the point where I was so upset about it.

I thought I would share my hair care tips with you.

  1. I always use a tangle teazer to brush my hair. I have found this has saved my hair from lots of breakages.
  2.  I colour my hair and I always go to a hairdresser I trust. Trust with your hair is a huge thing for me. I have been badly burnt by a bad hairdresser and yes I mean my scalp was burnt!
  3. I can count on one hand how many times this year I use a hairdryer. I let my hair air dry. I have Ghds that have been used about 10 times since I bought them years ago. I find using less heat helps to get rid of breakage. 
  4. Find the right shampoo and conditioner. This is a never ending task for me. just now I really like the Loreal low shampoo.  I need a shampoo that works on not only fine hair but coloured hair. 
  5. I have a receding hair line. It's a family thing for me and I have been looking into hair transplant. Yes I know I have a few years before I need to really be concerned about my hair line but I think this is a problem more commonly associated with men. Here is the Hair transplant cost I don't think this is that expensive. It is food for thought for me. I have a chicken pox scar on my eyebrow and I have always hated it. I never knew this is something that you can have transplanted til now, This is something I really am considering. 
  6. Deep cleanse at least twice a month. As you all know I mountain bike and work out so I put my hair through a lot of sweat and mud. Sorry hair. I give my hair a really good clean with Redken hair cleansing cream. I leave it one for 5 to 10 minutes and Boom fresh clean hair. 
  7. I'm Blonde so The search for finding the perfect silver shampoo has been my life long goal. I am using Clairol shimmer lights shampoo I love it! It really does take out all the horrid yellow tones in your hair. I haven't been brave enough to use it for more than a couple minutes yet but I will do a full post on this. 
  8. I found out I was iron deficient and since I have been on iron tablets My hair has changed in the best way possible it's fuller and healthier than ever. I would definitely recommend trying iron tablets to anyone. 
  9. I have a confession I used to use every hair oil, heating styling spray out there. Then one day I just stopped and My hair has been a lot better. I do occasionally use a leave in conditioner. I found that most products were too heavy for my hair and I was over using them. So I just stopped. 
  10. Chlorine, I don't swim but I do go to a nice spa now and again, My hair hates chlorine I mean hates it.  What I do is, I put a good oil in my hair, I Love Morrocan oil. I love Philip Kingsley Elasticizer I cover my hair in this and sit in the steam room and sauna. My hair feels like I have walked out of the salon after! Yes, nothing like a added hair bonus to a spa day. 
What is your hair care top tips? 


Monday, 17 July 2017

Engagement Rings For Beginners - How To Choose

Hi everyone

Clueless about engagement rings? Then this one’s for you. Choosing an engagement ring is one of the most important purchase decisions you will make, but is one that can be difficult if you haven’t got a clue where to start. This simple guide for beginners will talk you through the key points of choosing an engagement ring, ready for when you want to pop the question to the one you love.

When choosing an engagement ring, the first thing you’ll want to do is set yourself a budget. This is actually a really good point to start and will help you when you browse online or head into a store to choose your ring. Traditionally, an engagement ring was expected to be worth two months’ salary, but you can forget that now. Set a budget that is realistic and affordable; it’s the choice of ring that matters and not how much it cost.

Knowing what size ring to get can be difficult, especially if you want your proposal to be a surprise. A good way to measure is to have a nose around her existing jewellery and measure one of her rings, going 1-2 sizes smaller than one that fits her middle finger. Don’t panic if the size isn’t quite right - it’s very easy to get them resized to ensure the perfect fit.

Do some research
An engagement ring is a very personal thing, and you’ll want to make sure that you find the most appropriate engagement ring style for the person you’re going to give it to. Analyse her fashion and how she dresses. Does she like classic, elegant dress styles or does she prefer something a bit more glamorous? This will help you when it comes to choosing the right ring and there is a very distinct difference between classic styles and those which offer a bit more glamour.

Now you know what sort of ring you’re looking for, you can set about nailing down the finer details. Choose the type of metal the band should be (gold, white gold, rose gold, platinum, etc.) followed by the diamond. Diamonds come in a variety of cuts, so the choice can be a bit overwhelming, but you’ll know the right style when you see it.
Read reviews
You can read reviews of anything these days, including engagement ring retailers (see this Kay Jewelers review for a good example). Reading these reviews will be essential for helping you choose your ring from a jeweller that produces high-quality engagement rings, as well as offering good customer service. As a ring is an investment, it may be something that needs adjusting and repairing over time, and you’ll want to purchase from a store that will continue to offer these services after you’ve made the initial purchase.

Image from Pexels
When considering your ring choice, you may also find that you find yourself wondering whether or not she should pick her own engagement ring - it’s completely up to you. If you want to plan the perfect surprise proposal, however, you should keep your plans to yourself, maybe seeking advice from a friend or family member to help you choose and make the proposal one of the most romantic and memorable days of your lives.

Thursday, 13 July 2017

Every Time You Look In The Mirror You Should Feel Satisfied - Here's How

Hi everyone, 

Looking in the mirror is an insightful act. The emotions that are brought up can tell you a lot about how you are doing at the current moment in your life. Take a few moments yourself. When you look in the mirror,  what do you see? How do you feel about yourself? This intrinsic self-reflection is something many people don’t do past straightening up their appearance, but the act of looking in a mirror can lay bare all of the little ways you might be deceiving yourself and allow you to come back to the present moment, and understand what needs to be done.

Life isn’t easy, and there’s certainly no manual to help us through it at an easy pace. This doesn’t mean that you should neglect trying to live the best you can. Every time you look in the mirror, for a happy, fulfilled life, you should feel satisfied. There are many ways to feel satisfied with oneself, from acting in ways that make you feel pride to keeping your appearance maintained and expressing yourself how you feel is best.

This mini-guide will help you change your perceptions, and treat that reflection in your mirror with the appropriate amount of love you should be showing it.


You can’t feel happy in front of the mirror if you’re unhappy with your looks. There are many ways to improve your looks, and that should be considered first before throwing blanket ‘acceptance’ over them. The self-love movements that are gaining traction are absolutely beautiful and should be treated with respect, but if that covers up a problem that you’d be happier if you fixed deep down, there’s no shame in wanting to change. Your life is yours to dictate how you will.

Changing your appearance might be as simple as losing the express weight, changing up your makeup routine and finding a foundation that more suits your skin color, or employing facial plastic surgery to help straighten out any issues that might have been making you insecure for some time. It’s all up to you, and you are free to choose, or not choose as you wish.


Every time you look in the mirror, you should feel pride. This doesn’t have to mean that you are achieving all of your dreams and life is going your way totally. It will never do that 100% of the time. However, you can keep your pride alive 100% of the time by acting in a way that best represents your personality. Are you staying true to your goals? Are you trying to be that little bit better every day? Are you happy with your social links and relationships? Keeping on top of these considerations can help you stay happy in yourself and continue to live as who you want to be.


How healthy are you? A large part of being comfortable in the mirror is being able to instinctively assess how healthy your body is running. If you’re eating bad foods, smoking, drinking excessively or not getting enough sleep, you’ll be able to see in your face how this is taking its toll. How deep and pronounced are the bags under your eyes? How clear is your skin? Do you look hydrated? The mirror shouldn’t only assess your appearance, but should be a platform for you to quickly check your health and make sure that you’re feeling okay.

Use the mirror here on out as a self-assessment tool, and not something to be feared. Self-reflection can literally help you feel better, and move forward in the ways you want. Good luck!


Saving Your Skin

Hi everyone, 


Your skin is your barrier to the outside world. Whilst it looks after you, it’s important to care for it back. Not looking after your skin can cause premature aging of the skin, as well as preventing its effectiveness to heal and protect our body. Here are just few simple ways that

Stay moisturised

Most of us have a shower daily, which is no bad thing for keeping us smelling fresh, although it can have the side effect of getting rid of important oils in our skin which keep us moisturised. Without these oils, our skin dries out quicker, which leads it to age more rapidly in the long run. Applying moisturiser after a shower or bath is the best way to help put these important oils back into our skin.

Attack that acne

Spots are caused by blocked oil pores, and whilst they can be caused by getting skin greasy, other factors such as stress and eating high carb foods can also cause an acne outbreak. There are many herbal remedies that are worth trying such as tea tree and witch hazel. For more serious cases, a doctor may be able to prescribe Aldactone. There’s also the option of blue light therapy, although this is expensive so bear this in mind.

Silence your cellulite

Cellulite consists of fatty deposits under the skin and affects many women. Whilst it’s cause is unknown, there are many ways to treat it. You can buy anti cellulite cream online, which can be rubbed into the affected area. Apple cider vinegar has also worked for some people as a more natural treatment, whilst exercise can also help ward it off.


Shelter from the sun

Whilst we all do need our dose of vitamin D, too much sun exposure prematurely ages us, not to mention increasing our chances of contracting skin cancer. Wearing protection at all times can help us get our vitamin D without suffering the harmful UV rays. And whilst spray tan often gets mocked, it can be a far healthier option for our skin for those wanting that summery glow.

Take care with cosmetics

Make-up junkies ought to also be aware as too many cosmetics can take its toll on our skin too. Particular chemicals to look out for are lead and talc, although these may only cause harm with daily use. You should also be careful of wearing cosmetics that cause an allergic reaction – continuous use even with only mild symptoms could cause permanent damage to your skin. Hypoallergenic make-up may be a better solution for those that regularly get rashes.

Feed your flesh

A great number of foods can be good for our skin. These include fruit, dark chocolate, olive oil and green tea, which have all been shown to hinder aging. Of course, just as there are good foods, there are also foods to avoid on a regular basis such as high carb foods and trans fats.

Pack in smoking

Last but not least, smoking should also be cut out if you hope to preserve your youthful skin long into old age. As well as reducing the flow of oxygen to your skin, smoking reduces the production of collagen, an important protein that strengthens your skin. Quit the cigarettes and you’ll keep your skin’s colour and strength.  


Sunday, 9 July 2017

8 Money saving tips and tricks

Hi Everyone, 

How are you all? 

Do any of you find yourself a bit spendy on payday and realised half way through the month your money just isn't going as far as you want it too. Aw, why is it payday comes and goes every month faster than the last and the next few weeks feel like torture? If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook
 you will know I love a freebie or five!

Today I wanted to share my top 8 freebies and money-saving tips/deals I use from gratisfaction.co.uk This site has saved me a fortune. I love getting free things and I am that crazy person who will search for an hour for a discount code. (well before I found you lovely Gratis Faction)

1. Free tennis balls for dogs. The way to my heart is through my furbabies. One of my dogs is OBSESSED with a tennis ball so this would have to be number one. or she would bite me. Ok Just kidding. 

2. FREE Aussie hair care bundle. Yes, Who don't have Aussie.  Come on, look in your bathroom I bet there's a 3-minute conditioner hiding in the back of your shelf.  Hint, I use this to shave my legs so much better than saving cream. 

3. Razors. I hate buying razors. Why are they so expensive? Come on, most of the world uses a razor In some way. I don't want to part with £10 for a razor. A quick search and boom free razors. 

4. 20% discount code for Marks and Spencers. I love M&S for many things but Mostly for underwear and Rosie for Autograph things. Wheres my card I'm off to buy me some stuff. With a great feeling as I am saving 20%. 

5. Coconut oil. I Love this little life changing oil. I use it in so many forms from cooking to hair masks. This little stuff costs a fortune though. Yes, It is worth it but I hate spending so much money on it. 

6. Free perfume samples. I love perfume and live remotely, so I can't walk down a city high street and sample the newest fragrance. I love getting a sample as and I really feel it give you enough of a chance to try the perfume before making that purchase.  Perfumes can be really expensive. I once bought a very well know perfume *Cough* Chanel without smelling it and I hated it I mean HATED IT. It just was not me. Yuk

7. Amazon discount voucher codes. Let's face it you have shopped at amazon and you wish you could find a code with no hassle and boom here is gratisfaction.co.uk to give you the newst and best ones out there. More time for shopping Or watching hours of funny youtube just me?

8. Whitening toothpaste. Another thing we all buy constantly is toothpaste and I don't know about you but is it getting more expensive? The last tube I bought was on offer in Boots for £4.99 What on earth? Since when has oral hygiene got so pricey? Yes I want pearly whites but I don't want to have to take a bank loan to pay for them and why would I when I can get it free from my favourite site!

How do you save money?